Learn to Trust and Change Your Life

JUST-TRUST-It-willOne of my spiritual teachers told me once that life experiences either make you bitter or better; it is your choice. In fact, it is the only choice we get to make as life challenges are upon us. If we let them, difficult experiences can scar us in a way that creates a distrust of life. If we are not careful the scars of the past, are recreated in the future again and again. It is important to reframe our “difficult experiences” as lessons that we, then, integrate. In order to do this, we must forgive ourselves, and others. Forgiveness is what frees us from the past. It is only then, that we can let go of the past and embrace the present fully. This embracing requires TRUST. Trust in ourselves, trust in the universe, and trust in God. Ultimately, trusting, or not, is our choice. When we become untrusting of life we become very protective of whatever it is we fear. This protective mode creates a wall around us which eventually becomes our box which we can never quite break out of. This becomes the limits that we place on our lives. These limits translate into limiting beliefs and our boxes becomes forever too small for us to live in. We never live our true potential. Life has an illusion of safety in our boxes and yet it can never open us to our greatness.

 The Steps to Trusting:

1. Awareness: Becoming aware of what you fear will lead you to past experiences that are the root of this fear.

2. Reframe: Once you discover the root of the fear, understand the lesson you learned from your challenging experience.

3. Forgive: Forgive yourself and others for past experiences We each make the best choice we can in any given moment. And each new moment gives us the opportunity to choice differently. This allows you to let go of the past.

4. Trust: Put your trust in your higher-self and a higher power. You will feel supported and learn to trust this support.

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