The Present is Where The Gift Is

Let Go of The PastHow we view reality can be skewed by the past and even, the future. When we allow energetic attachments to form to the past or to some projected future, it takes us out of the limitless nature of present time. For in present time, all possibilities exist, and here in lies the highest and best possibility for us. This can only be found in the present. When we are energetically hooked to the past, this forms a trajectory to where we are currently, and limits our choices based on what we have previously experienced. If we want a new, clear and more aligned choice, we have to clear the past to receive this. It is as simple as stepping outside of the vantage point of mind which inhabits the past, and immediately we let go of a path that is limited, and thus, step into one that is limitless where miracles exist.

Spiritual Practice:
Take a moment to visualize cutting all the cords to your past. Focus in on the feeling you get when you are no longer tethered to your past. Feel the lightness of being that allows you to be fully in the present moment.

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