Top 10 Reasons Why a Spiritual Practice Will Benefit YOU!
  1. You don’t know who you are, unless you do it
  2. If you can’t spend time with yourself, why would anyone else want to
  3. Learning how to BE, instead of just doing, gives you the ability to have more by doing less
  4. Never having to seek answers outside of your Self
  5. Connecting to creator allows you to become a co-creator (now, whose powerful?)
  6. Clarity & a greater ability to discern what is truth
  7. Listening to your intuition (the voice of your spirit) to make more aligned, fulfilling choices
  8. Cultivating compassion & love for yourself & others
  9. Experiencing an innate joy that is not dependent on anything external
  10. Seeing yourself as spirit having a human journey (being in the world but not of it); you become a Creator instead of a Reactor


There are literally millions of reasons but what I want to know is, what are yours? Comment below and let me know, why you do it.

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