“This type of coaching is the fast track to real freedom.” –Tim Wood, Client

The Spirit Coach Methodology was developed to awaken Divine potential. As we use the practices and tools introduced in this method, we become more aligned with our Spirit and as a result, experience more fulfillment and joy in our lives, an emergence of our true self and the ability to serve others through manifesting our Vision in the world.

We believe Spiritual Growth is what facilitates the expansion of our Vision and dreams. It allows us to know ourselves in deeper and deeper ways, giving us access to our authentic desires and joy so we can experience relationship, work, play, etc. in much more meaningful ways.

Our freedom is dependent on our growth; as we peel away the layers that are our false self, we become lighter and freer to be who we truly are. The peace that comes from this cannot be achieved from an external source. If we are to consciously create our own reality (vs. unconsciously), we must become Conscious this is the path of working from the inside out. The more conscious we become, the more choices we have. The more choices we have, the better life we can create.

Many of us are familiar with the importance of the mind, body and Spirit connection. Yet most of us lead our lives from our mind and not from our Spirit. When we lead from the mind, we can’t create balance because we are not connected to Source, which brings us into alignment with our higher self. Without this connection, there is always a feeling that something is missing in our lives; no matter how much we achieve, have or do, there is still a feeling of being disconnected. The flow of Source energy is not reaching us. When we flip the triangle, Source flows to us and through us making co-creation possible.

When we lead with the Spirit, we are in alignment with our highest self and from this place the mind and body also become aligned. Source energy is able to flow as we express our true self in the world. We realize we are a Co-Creator, choosing to be and do what makes our heart sing, knowing we came to live the life we intended. There is nothing more fulfilling than this.

This is the paradigm shift that is emerging individually and globally.

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