Get Rid of The “Shoulds” for Good

Imagine what would happen if that constant nagging voice that says, “I should get more work done, I should clean the office, I should take that new client, I should…” went away. At the very least, it would create a lot more empty space in our heads. Perhaps it is exactly the space that is needed to be more inventive, to create anew, like an artist who approaches his clean white canvas on which to create his masterpiece. I think most of us have become so accustomed to the voices in our head that tell us what we should do that we have forgotten that we get to choose.

The shoulds are like software programs that just keep running—eventually we forget why we were running them in the first place; they simply run us. Even when they have initially been put in place for a positive result, they can eventually become a hindrance instead of a help. If your “should” program is still running you, you may be caught in a lifestyle that is exhausting and unsustainable. There is a way to break out of this cycle.

Just take a moment and say the words, “I choose.” Feel the power culminating within you. In contrast, say the words, “I should.” Now, feel the energy draining from you. This is what happens every time you use “should,” either out loud or in your thoughts.

Once you begin to liberate yourself from “I should,” you begin to experience a new kind of freedom to discern your truth and follow it. Choosing your thoughts and words carefully will increase your discernment and energy levels and lead to a life you choose. This is the reason I developed this transformational tool. Let’s exercise our free will; the results are nothing less than freedom.

1. Think of something that you believe you “should” be doing more of in your life. Say this out loud.
For example:
I should visit my family for the holidays.

2. Now, replace “I should” with the words “I choose.”
For example:
I choose to visit my family for the holidays.

3. Then say it out loud to yourself. What do you become aware of?
Observe what it feels like when you say it. Does it resonate as true for you? Or does it feel untrue? Let your spirit guide you. It knows what is best for you and the best time to do it. Remember, not choosing is also a choice.
For example:
I choose to visit my family for the holidays.

What did I become aware of? I don’t have to go home for every holiday, only when I choose to. I noticed I don’t resent my family and have a much better time when I choose to be with my family on the holidays, versus when I feel I am doing it out of obligation.

4. Once you become aware of your choice, bring 100 percent of your energy to that choice. Own it and watch the action you take get done more quickly and better than ever, while actually enjoying the experience.

Practice this tool regularly in your daily life. Your ability to discern your truth and follow it will increase as you use it. Before long, you will trust yourself more and more. When you believe in you (your spirit), nothing is impossible.

From the new book, Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation
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