Alignment is The Key To Being On Target

Alignment is the Key to Being on TargetWhat is it that allows us to repeatedly hit our target? It is not some random bulls eye but a consistent hitting of our target again and again. This accuracy comes from a place in us that contains the strength, courage and discernment needed to hit our target. If we ourselves are out of alignment so will the arrow be. Recognizing that our alignment within is key to our success without. If we are slightly out of alignment within, the arrow will miss the bulls eye not by a little but often by a lot. So what is alignment and how can we have more of it? Alignment comes when we are centered within ourselves, connected to our spirit and grounded in present time. As we move through the world from this position everything else falls into line because we are lined up first. Take the time to focus on your alignment and what you intend, will be.

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