Be Your True Authentic Self

You can only hide from your true self for so long. After awhile, we begin to feel an incongruence pretending to be someone other than we are. We get very good at this – so good we almost fool ourselves. Yet, we have to drop the act and the façade and just let it fall to the waist side. We are here to be who we came to be, and that is authentic. When we are authentic, we care less about how others perceive us. We just know we have to be who we are. How others receive us is not of our concern anymore. This leaves us free to be loving and accepting of ourselves, and this then opens up so much extra energy to pour into what makes our heart sing. We stop worrying, doubting and thinking about pleasing others and start pleasing ourselves. The funny thing is, this makes us a joy to be around because we are in a state of joy. Let yourself let go of who you think you need to be, and be exactly who you are.

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