Claim Your Beingness as Divine

Once we realize that our Divine nature is waiting patiently for us to claim it, we stop trying so hard to be spiritual and instead, we claim our beingness as Divine. This is not a concept; it is experiential. Although we may understand intellectually the truth that we are Divine, we still may not experientially be dwelling in this truth. Recognizing the difference is important because we can mislead ourselves into a projection of what being spiritual is about. This projection is still an overlay on reality. Reality is truth, not a subjective truth but an actual truth. The difference is known as a felt sense in the experience of touching the God within and residing there. There is no searching or seeking required, as this part of us, is always there. It may, however, be covered over by the mind’s projections of reality. As we recognize the cleverness of the mind, we also begin to dismantle the untruths that are inherent in the mind’s ability to project reality. When this is seen, we can deepen our experience of truth, thus being who we have always been and will always be. This is liberation.

Claim Your Divinity

When we come together with a group of people with a similar intention to wake up to our Divinity, we can’t help but shine brighter and brighter. This light is what creates alignment in our relationships, work, creative endeavors, health and all of life.
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

Only you can claim your Divinity.

Are you ready to?

Yes, you are beautiful. You are powerful. You are abundant. You are Love.

When we recognize this, it grows, and we serve the world by our presence in it.

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Prepare to Receive Energy & Healing for Your Awakening
Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm
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“I have experienced profound healing beyond my understanding…and most of all the increasing level of self-love I take with me is priceless.


“This class was jaw dropping!!!!! I experienced me, not the me that I think I am, but the me that is connected to all wholeness. I experienced unity as a remembering of my divinity. Truly amazing, I dropped to my knees this evening in tears of complete and utter humility. Count me in!!!!!!”


“The transmission last night was so powerful for me. It was as if my brain received a ‘wash’ of gold and pink liquid light – smoothing out the deep-ridged pathways that were keeping me stuck in my mind. My heart then flooded with the same light, and I could feel a heart and brain connection that I’d never experienced. THANK YOU for this. I feel tears of gratitude as I write about it.”


Located at The First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael
1510 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael, CA

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