How To Receive What You Are Asking For

How To Receive What You Are Asking ForAsk and you shall receive. This is something we have heard again and again but what does it really mean? Often when we ask for something, we do receive it but we either miss it or push it away because it does not look like the way we thought it should. We have an idea about the way we want something and how that something should look. When what we receive doesn’t match this, we negate or feel like what we asked for is not being provided for. But what if it is? What if, when we ask for courage, we are given a situation to be courageous? Or when we ask for abundance, we are asked to find abundance in something that appears finite? When we open to the miracle of asking, we must also open to the miracle of what comes. It may not look like or feel like what we thought but it may lead us to where we want to go and grow by stretching us out of our comfort zone. As we open more fully to embracing the unknown, we can know so much more by allowing life to give us what we need, when we need it. Our mind, thinks, it has all the answers but it does not. Ask, and you shall receive exactly what you need. Now open up and see yourself and your life in a new way, there you will find the miracle.


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