How Transmissions Can Serve Your Awakening


Since I can remember, I have had a dream of sitting in a room surrounded by people who knew that they were God incarnate. For years I have sat with the ascended masters in this way but not until recently had I experienced a group of people (eleven to be exact) all conscious of the fact that they were divinity in form. I understood in this moment that it is possible for all of us, and this is the movement we are making in the planetary awakening that we are all a part of.

You may wonder how I ended up in such a room. It is somewhat of a mystery to me, too. This is what happens when you let go of thinking you are the doer and let God lead. Earlier this year, I got on my knees and prayed for direction. The next morning, I got out of bed and printed on a piece of paper were the words, “Divine Feminine.” Shortly thereafter, I received seven transmissions to activate the wholeness within. This became the basis of my new teachings, which include transmissions.

Many months later I received a call from a friend and awakened spiritual teacher who had also received this directive to give transmissions, which was quite different from her previous offerings. Apparently, she had been in touch with other awakened teachers who also were spontaneously giving transmissions as an accelerated pathway to awakening. This was happening very organically – some had been consciously giving transmissions for some time, and others had only begun to recently. We all gathered in Sedona to share our particular gifts, and this created a wholeness like no other. It was as if the pieces of the puzzle came together as all eleven of us were guided by the Presence within. On an individual level, this encounter further transformed me and for this I will be forever grateful (more to come on this later).

It was clear to all of us that we were being used by God to create something new, something not yet manifested on this plane that was energetically unfolding through us, and will continue to unfold through those we serve. There was an understanding about a few things that I took away from this gathering, and I believe it may benefit you to share this here.


First, the old hierarchical models of spirituality have to change. Everyone is God in form, and we need a much more egalitarian model where we can evolve without the need to give our power away to any teacher, guru, system, religion, etc.

Second, Love is the force in the universe that is the most powerful and the most lacking in today’s experience. Not love as an emotion but Love as God, the Love that is inherent but not fully manifest. Without this Love, separation remains our dominant experience. With this Love however, we find our own wholeness and unity consciousness, raising us to God-realization.

Third, although transmissions have been happening in spiritual circles for thousands of years, there is a new frequency calling us to rise to the unique occasion presented by this day and age. Of course, we are transmitting all the time, and no one can give us what we already have. But the power and quality of these most recent transmissions helps us awaken to the truth of who we are. That is all. It is very ordinary, yet also extra-ordinary because we can move into our natural state much more quickly than was possible before. This has to do with our evolution speeding up so that we can continue to evolve on this planet for a long time to come.

I recently came across this quote from Adyashanti: “The greatest gift that any of us has is our state of consciousness. We are all transmitting our state of consciousness whether we want to or not.” If our greatest gift is our level of consciousness (and I believe it is), then working to raise it is a worthwhile endeavor. There are many ways to do this. The key is to trust what resonates for you. Within you is a deep inner knowing that, much like a tuning fork, resonates when you experience truth. Always move toward this, whether it is a teacher, a spiritual path, a meditation practice or a transmission.

Here are some ways you can begin to receive transmissions now:


Spirit Led Live Gatherings In-Person San Rafael, CA (I will be giving Christ Consciousness Transmissions at the gatherings)

The Divine Feminine Transmission Online Course (Begins June 2018)

Gina Lake & Nirmala Online Christ Consciousness Transmissions Sundays at 11am PST

The Spirit-Led Retreat in Sedona, AZ Nourish your spirit in healing vortexes, & awaken with special guest, Gina Lake (May 5th – 8th, 2018)

Please stay tuned for more ways to participate in transmissions.

Many Blessing to Realize Your True Nature,


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