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Mary Magdalene Holy Mountain Meditation & Prayer | Spirit Coach - Awaken Your Divine Potential. Co-Create Your Best Life
Mary Magdalene Holy Mountain Video & Prayer

Mary Magdalene walked the path to the Holy Mountain and I followed in her footsteps. I took this video so you can, too. Take a minute to drink in the Divine presence that permeates the mystical land of La Sainte Baume, France. Let it remind you that your light is within you just waiting to be ignited.

Mary Magdalene appeared to me and she showed me a light brighter than I had ever seen. She said, “Jenai you must step into this light.” The fear I felt was immense because I knew something would forever be burned away and yet, there was an intrinsic knowing that I was going home to the light within.

As you watch this one-minute video meditation, visualize merging with the light within you. Notice how your divinity is ignited in new and wonderful ways.

Prayer Channeled through Jenai from Mary Magdalene:
Come, Light of the Divine.
I call to you because I now know,
I am worthy of your love.
Your presence opens me to the greatness of I Am.
Your light enfolds me beyond all time and space.
In you, all seeking melts away and wholeness is now, me.
You and I merge in our sameness.
I serve the light of the I Am.
I know the face of love smiles upon me and you.
I give in to this grace.
And spread your light in my wake,
Leaving a trail of Love and Divine embodiment.
I walk with you.
I talk with you.
I give you thee,
You give me, Me.
Forever in Love,
I heed your footsteps as mine.
My Beloved.

My Self.


May Your Light Be Ignited,

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