Self-Realization Through Love & Acceptance

You will never please everyone! You will never please those who do not know how to please themselves. When you look outside yourself for a reflection of who you are, it will always be from a skewed perspective – from the perspective of someone else’s issues. You can never know yourself through the eyes of another. Your role is one of self –acceptance. As you accept yourself in greater & greater ways, so too will others, as they have no investment in making you wrong.

Your willingness to be self-aware allows you the freedom to move in the direction of your dreams. Self-awareness exposes the untruths we have told ourselves about us – and so at times it is not easy to witness. Yet, it is why we have come to this earth – to know ourselves. Love & acceptance is the way through to self-realization.

The Divine Feminine Transmissions: 7 Frequencies to Activate Your Wholeness

Begin 2019 From an Entirely New Paradigm. Let Grace Flow Through Your Creations. Meet The World With A Soft Open Heart Making Relationships Flower. Dwell in the Delight!

Imagine for a moment if the feminine aspects of the Divine came alive in you. Could this nurturing, unconditionally loving, accepting, and humble presence allow you to experience your Divine nature more readily and without hesitation? We are all Divine beings, yet our lack of realization creates the illusion of separation, disconnecting us from our power, creativity, compassion and wholeness. Do you want to reconnect to this? That is exactly what this course is designed to help you do.

This path is the path of Love. Of course, Love is neither masculine nor feminine, but both in perfect balance. Regardless of our gender, as we allow dormant Divine feminine qualities to blossom in us, we create wholeness within. We restore balance to the world by activating the Divine feminine within each of us, one person at a time.

Learn more about this course, beginning January 16, 2019.

There is always something magical that happens when a group comes together with a common intention to realize their Divine potential. Join us.

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