Spirit Speaks: How To Give Love

Heart CloudTo give your love, you don’t have to give your Self away. Often we confuse these two things. It is critical to understand the way we love can be filling or draining. Love is not equal, when it is measured through the small self. When we recognize how we give away our Self and believe this is love, we then begin to resent loving. But this is not love, as love does not require anything in return. Love is given from a place of wholeness and joy. When we understand this, we can be exactly who we came to be with no apologies, and give love from this place. And the irony is, when we do not need our love to be received, it is received more fully. Let love come from the highest part of you; you do not have to give up anything to give love. From this place, you will gain your Self, and love will overflow from your presence

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