Spirit Speaks: Serve Yourself Before You Serve Others

Life is a series of checks and balances, if we let it be. We will always have more to check off on our list, and we may even feel good in the moment we check it off but this feeling is fleeting. The real question is, what feeds our heart and soul? At the end of the day, what brings us joy? Did you go there today, and dwell here, even if only for a few minutes? Life can become very rigid when we let our minds lead. However, when we bring our open-hearted selves back into the equation we begin to allow love and joy to permeate our lives. Not the idea of love and joy which the mind may tell us we have but the actual experience of love and joy. This has to happen with the heart, the head can only intellectualize what this means. Let go of the mind for as many moments as you can throughout your day, and let the
heart lead. Notice how you feel more love and joy pouring forth from your being.

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