Your Light is a Beacon

Your light is a beacon for others, but more importantly it is a beacon for your Self. There comes a point when one’s motivational alignment changes. Our motivation changes because we suddenly realize that non-alignment is not worth it anymore. Instead, we know with the deep resonance of our soul, that to live outside of the framework of our true self is to live a life that ultimately has no meaning, not to others but to ourselves. We come to value our true selves, more than we value the illusion of who we “think” we should be. This shift in awareness allows us to recognize the places we are incongruent. It isn’t about being perfect; it’s about noticing the truth of who we’re being in different situations. The incongruence is more jarring than any repercussions the universe responds with. Because we are in a loving universe, we get to set the parameters of the rules. When we change the rules (and it is us who changes them), we need to be aware of this so we can honor ourselves more readily. How have the rules changed for you? Where is alignment more important than the illusion? Answer these questions, repeatedly, and you will take off in your growth.

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