Spotlight on a Spirit Coach®: Faith Williams

What inspired you to become a spirit coach?

Becoming a Certified Spirit Coach® was like the dream job I had been preparing for all my life. Assisting people to their very best self is what I was born to do and it was a matter of finding the right vehicle to do so. When I received an invitation to be trained as a Certified Spirit Coach it was like winning the spiritual jack pot. I will never forget the elation I felt in being able to have the opportunity to do what I love most – to assist and elevate humanity to it’s greatest possible potential.

What is one of your favorite Spirit Coaching moments?  

What is most incredible about the Spirit Coach Method is that it is ever expanding within itself and within me. My work as Spirit Coach has literally grown me inside out. Each time I expand into a new level of understanding myself as spirit so do my clients. It is truly a co-creative experience. We must become within ourselves what we want the world to be and this is the greatest gift we can give to humanity. I believe this work offers people the opportunity to express the gifts they were born to give and it gives me so much fulfillment to be able to provide people with a framework to find and live in their authentic power—SPIRIT.

Share one of your many client success stories.

One of my spirit coach clients was able to experience a profound healing with her son who was on the verge of suicide. Here’s what she said in her own words:

“In  all the years of therapy and coaching, working with Faith has helped me to make the most profound changes in my life, not only for myself but those around me. About a year ago my son was on the verge of suicide. My fear and guilt was keeping us stuck in the same co-dependent pattern. The Spirit-led Tools and meditation allowed me to surrender to the possibility of him dying. This literally transformed our relationship and freed us both to live our life. My son found his own spiritual path and is now very happy. I feel incredibly blessed to be Spirit-led.”

~ C. Butler

Coaching tip: Raise yourself up with Gratitude

One of my favorite spirit led tools is Gratitude with a twist. Gratitude and self-love creates a pathway of daily miracles. A practice of self love and gratitude will immediately begin to create a shift in consciousness in your life experience. We can’t create more abundance with an attitude orientated towards lack or what we have not yet created. If your eager to create more abundance in what ever aspect of your life practice gratitude with a twist and you will begin expedite a more abundant life, even better you will experience deeper love, peace and joy – for happiness is the souls fuel for life.

Go ahead experience a miracle in your consciousness today.

I invite you in this moment to think 3 things that you are grateful for in your life and 3 things you can love & appreciate about yourself. Do this everyday allowing your gratitudes to increase daily while you witness profound changes in your life.

What kind of clients do you like to work with?

I like to work with clients that understand that lasting change comes from the willingness to go places within yourself that may be daunting — the deeper we dig the more beautiful our harvested self will be. It is important to me that clients see that spiritual work is a journey inward and not a quick fix to what you think is broken, because what you might think is broken is actually your surrender to the greatness that is trying to be born through you. I want clients that understand that Spirit Coach Method is not a formula to get right but only ever requires a commitment and willingness to be open, vulnerable and courageous because that is how we break down walls of the false self and embrace the authentic powerful you.

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