Sunderprem Keefe
Master Spirit Coach ®

“Sunderprem’s Spirit Coaching has been invaluable. She brings a maternal grace and wisdom that is unique to her coaching practice. I had some big challenges this past year and I would have not moved through it as easily as I did without her support. Her compassion, clarity, and lightheartedness makes it feel easy and safe to look at places in my life that keep me from living my full potential. Thank you!” – G.Williams

Certified Spirit Coach® and Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Sunderprem Keefe brings a rare combination of playfulness and maturity as well as decades of healing and personal growth work to her coaching practice. Learning and teaching has been a lifelong passion for Sunderprem; this light-hearted wisdom comes through with such ease and grace in her coaching sessions. This includes: 12 years at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, a teaching degree from the Royal College of Music, Montessori teacher training with Mario Montessori, more than 20 years of teaching, co-directing a successful Montessori school for over a decade, and raising her four children. Her path has also included extensive study of somatic healing techniques ranging from massage and kinesiology to the Feldenkrais method, which she continues to practice regularly for herself and others. Originally from the U.K., she has traveled widely and lived in several very different cultures, giving her compassion and understanding of others’ perspectives.
Sunderprem has consistently taken great joy in watching the growth of the many people she has taught or guided in various ways. She has always felt called to ‘walk the light’ and explore every tool available to her for awakening and well-being, and she enjoys using the wisdom of her extensive experience in teaching and healing, to benefit her coaching clients.


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