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Join me in this short video where I share a mystical experience that happened on my pilgrimage in France walking in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene. I learned something that will forever set me free. My hope is that you will be set free, too, by understanding this simple truth that we all have access […]

In this short video, you’ll learn why you may not be getting what you need from your spiritual growth work. It doesn’t have to be so hard. When we turn toward our Divinity, we can navigate the process of awakening in a gentler, more compassionate embrace. Don’t make the same mistake I did which I […]

In this short video, you will learn how to allow in what you really want. The egoic-mind creates a rigidity that blocks us from love. When we soften around the ego’s need to resist reality, we open to the vastness of our true nature, and suddenly, life looks and feels very different. Everything we want […]

I have come to understand spiritual pilgrimage as a journey in which we travel outside the familiar in order to ultimately come home to our Self. I have been taking spiritual pilgrimages since I was nineteen years old as a way to see myself outside of the constraints of my daily reality. There is something […]

Acceptance is not defeat. When we can’t accept what is, we operate from a place of denial. This denial causes resistance and keeps us stuck in old patterns of behavior that do not serve us. Acceptance is the step before allowing. When we accept, we acknowledge the truth and the truth sets us free: free […]

When we allow things to unfold in their natural time and pacing, we can relax and receive. Often, resistance is created when we are attached to an outcome, even when we do not know what that outcome is. We just want something different. Letting go of what we want, often allows what we need to […]

I use to schedule myself into fifteen-minute increments. Have you ever run to the bathroom at the absolute last second just because you were so busy? Well, this is how my life was. I was running a growing company with fifteen employees and one hundred sales reps nationwide. We were listed in Entrepreneur magazine as […]

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