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In this video I share some practices to expand your natural state of gratitude within you, spreading it to those you love until it reverberates around the whole world. What I do know for sure is that gratitude is a miracle worker in our lives. With gratitude, there is an understanding that challenges are blessings, […]

By Natalie Doel One of the goals of Spirit Coaching is to facilitate the experience of joy and freedom on the path of spiritual growth. It feels so good to touch that place on a coaching call, to watch fear and doubt dissolve like salt in the clear water of truth.  In that moment, we […]

We have a choice in every moment to see the glass half full or half empty; it is always our choice. When we exercise our right to be grateful, all that we cherish emerges true and unblemished, and all that does not serve us, fades away. Gratitude gives us a way of being in the […]

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