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In this video I share some practices to expand your natural state of gratitude within you, spreading it to those you love until it reverberates around the whole world. What I do know for sure is that gratitude is a miracle worker in our lives. With gratitude, there is an understanding that challenges are blessings, […]

This time of year many of us are looking for love, but we may be looking in the wrong places. If love is what you seek, then give love to yourself. When we fill our selves with self-love, the love we seek from the external world is given in all its many forms. The wonderful […]

Here are 7 practices to awaken your natural state of gratitude this Thanksgiving: 1. Before your meal, go around the table and ask everyone to share one thing they are grateful for this year. This will uplift everyone and the food will taste better too. 2. Take everyone on a Gratitude Walk. Suggest that they […]

Focus yourself into an area of your life that fills you up. Do not look at the lack of something or what isn’t working and expect a different result but rather turn your attention to gratitude and appreciation. If at first you can’t find those things in which to appreciate; start with another, perhaps, with […]

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