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It seems fitting to write about my journey to John of God when I am still in the air, that is, on a plane where my feet have yet to touch the earth. This is how I feel, somehow lifted above reality. Certainly I feel lighter, freer, and less attached to the details of daily […]

This trip I was also blessed with an invisible surgery. I sat in a room at the Casa and the loving entities began to work inside my body, mind and spirit all for the purpose of healing and transformation. It felt at first like tiny hands of light inside my body moving bits of me […]

The journey of one thousand miles begins with your first step. It has been seven years since I have taken my first step on the long journey (more like 6,000 miles) to visit the Casa de Dom Inacio, the home of John of God in Brazil. My first step was a step closer to God, […]

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