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Reverence is the word that comes to mind when I think of entering the room with the Relics of the Saints in Arizona. As we walked into The Shrine of Holy Wisdom where I held the Relic Retreat, tears flowed immediately as there was a deep recognition of the power, presence and grace that permeated […]

There comes a point when our heart is just too big to hide. Maybe we have spent years hiding our love from the world because it feels too vulnerable or it is not accepted in our “circles”. Regardless of why we have been hiding our heart, now, it can no longer be kept hidden. It […]

There is a love deep within you that is untouchable by anything external. It is like an ever-present well that continuously nourishes and replenishes you. In this place, you are whole and healed. Knowing that nothing outside of you can ever touch this place within. It is your sanctuary. Dwell in it. Develop your relationship […]

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