Apparition From My Miracle Healing Pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona

I Took This Video Of An Apparition At The Little Chapel

I took a personal retreat in Arizona to prepare for bringing a group to see Sara O’Meara. I always ask to be prepared to hold a sacred container for a group, so that I can be filled up before I act as a conduit. This is a great practice and one I am reminded of every time I hear a stewardess say, “Secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

I began my journey by sitting in prayer at The Little Chapel where Sara conducts her miracle healings. This is a time to be in Divine communion and allow the flow of light to be received and given to those in need. This reciprocal relationship of giving and receiving heightens both aspects, allowing Divinity to flow more powerfully. As often happens, I was guided to participate in many journeys where the light beings and often Ascended Master Jesus direct me in various wonderful happenings. I am in no way religious nor was I raised in Christianity so these experiences when they first began happening were very unexpected and have nothing to do with any dogma, but rather, just a profound love. 

On this particular night, I was shown something new: a giant white cross of light. I was told to merge with it at its center-to literally dive into the center of white light. At first it was a little intimidating, as I knew it would mean the dissolution of self, but when I immersed myself in this warm liquid light I gained so much more than I could ever have lost. After that, time disappeared, and the next thing I heard was the groundskeeper asking us to leave the chapel. As I was walking out, she said to me, “Do you want to see something?” Before she could even finish I blurted out, “Yes!” 

She led me along with a few others across the grounds to the back of the property, where her cottage is. We walked through her home and entered a small closet. Through the beveled glass, we could see a cross of white light as bold as the sun and as real as any three-dimensional object, except we couldn’t touch it.  It was a vision that we could all see and marvel at, but we could not possess it for it was literally made of light. The edges were refracted light like rainbows, and it seemed to move and vibrate. The longer we stared at it, the bigger it grew.

As we recovered from the shock and awe of this Divine vision, we all began to merge with it in our own way.  One person began to tone and another began to chant. I began to say these words that came to me as a prayer or blessing: “Essence of God, full of grace. Merge into my heart of hearts and create Divine embodiment.” This was the same sense of merging that I had been shown earlier in the evening during the prayer meditation. Everyone could feel the power of this vision-a miracle coming through from a higher dimension to show us the healing presence of the Christ Light. 

This vision was an unexplainable occurrence, much like what happened to a man named Max. Max had had an eight-pound tumor, and his doctors had told him to go home to die. But Sara O’Meara called Max in the hospital and prayed with him for a healing miracle. Twenty-four hours later, Max developed a black dot on his tumor that appeared to be eating away at it.  A CAT scan showed that it had shrunk by a third, and the doctors could only say that a miracle had taken place. 

Needless to say, it doesn’t surprise me that a sacred place like The Little Chapel would have other unexplainable occurrences on its property. I also know that this healing energy travels and can be directed where it is needed. This is why I wish to share this story and energetic transmission with you. Please take a moment to tap into the energy of healing, through this video I took of the apparition of the cross of light. Please know that you too are light, and you can merge with this healing energy. 

And you know me, I can’t have an experience like this and not share it with others, so I will be bringing people on retreat to share this healing energy at The Little Chapel, as well as, the powerful vortex energy in Sedona this May.

If you feel called, you can learn more here.

Boundless Blessings on Your Healing Journey, Jenai

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