Are You A Light Worker?

Are you feeling the need to ignite your light and share it with the world? Join me for a free webinar, “Calling All Light Workers to Ignite Your Light.” It is this Wednesday, May 2nd at 5:30pm Pacific.

On this call, I will support you in further igniting your light and stepping into your next level of service.

Jump on this free call for some deep spiritual nourishment held in a sacred container of Love and supported by a heart-centered spiritual community.

There will be new healing transmissions and a guided meditation. I will also share a tool every facilitator needs to know.

I will include information about the next Spirit Led Practitioner® Training which begins May 16th, 2018. I will be answering your questions about this opportunity to be trained and coached during this 6-month program.

You can register here for the free call.

Spirit Led Practitioner® Training is one way to share tools that have worked for you with others while stepping fully into your own light. If you know you want in, register now. Space is limited. Begins May16th, 2018.


Alumni of Practitioner Training receive a 50% discount. All calls are recorded. Last chance to take prerequisite for Spirit Coach® Training This Fall.

Channeling Corner

A Message for You From Spirit

You are the conduit of all creation. You cannot “think” big enough to be who you actually are. This is correct. We are not the limited beings we believe ourselves to be, nor are we human beings with spiritual powers. We are spiritual beings whose only limitation is the identification with the construct we call the “self”. Of course, we will always interact through the “me” we believe ourselves to be and this is not a problem once we stop believing this is all we are. Our greatness lies in the vastness of the ocean, in the spaciousness of space, in the beauty of an endless field of daisies on a spring day. This creation is also creating through us. It has no limitations. If we believe we are less than that which is creating through us, this is what limits our creations. There is no need to become something other than who we already are. There is, however, a need to strip away what we are not—a limited human-being with faults, flaws and inconsistencies. This is the vehicle in which we may deliver creation, and our imperfections are not a problem when we imbue it with the perfection of Creation. In fact, our imperfections when embraced become the gifts they were always meant to be—putting our unique, one-of-a-kind flavor into the world. Freedom comes when we know who we are is beyond any concept we could ever “think” about ourselves.

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