Create Your Own Sense of Safety

Pandemics, fires, injustice…and the list goes on. The collective energy of fear seems to be increasing at this time and this is why we need to create our own sense of safety. As an empath and a light-worker, we will automatically feel this collective fear, and often personalize it. This means we make it our own, when indeed, this is not really the case. When we create a sense of energetic safety, we create autonomy, whereby we have dominion over our own space. This gives us a sense of connection and belonging. From here, we do not take on the collective fear, nor do we personalize it. We can add more light to the world, including giving our precious gifts that the world so needs right now. Without a sense of safety, we will not speak our truth or act from love to create our vision in the world. Safety is critical. Learn how to create your own sense of safety and belonging in this video.

When we cultivate an inner safety and calm, we make better choices, we give our gifts and we meet life with curiosity and joy.

If you are wanting support, guidance and a community of high vibration light workers to catapult you out of the darkness and into the light, we are about to begin The Healing Code Course on 9.19.20. You can learn more here.

“When Jenai guided me to send the healing codes to a place in my physical body, the infinity symbol grew large and flowed through the top left of my body to the bottom right, crossing at my sacrum, moving LOTS of stuck energy. Then the guidance to send the infinity symbol to each cell left me sobbing with release of some long stuck energies—past life, early childhood and ancestral. The energetic releases definitely released the physical pain where I hold this. Then the ability to connect and offer this to the group, to the earth and to the universe, created feelings of connectedness and purpose. I am so grateful for this group of light-holders.” -Sheila

Now is not the time to go it alone. We need each other to create collective healing fields, raising our vibration so we can heal, and serve the greater good. When we gather with this intention, we add to the light of the world.

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– Jenai

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