How To Get Unstuck and Return To Love

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant? Watch this video to move into the deep nourishment of the High Spiritual Heart and learn how to access your inner truth to create flow toward what you love. When we contract our hearts, we cut ourselves off from inspiration, and thus, the flow of the Divine that lives in us. At this time in human history, we need our wild, juicy selves to come out in joyous creation to make the world a better place. This starts with letting ourselves be free, by relinquishing the conditioned self and opening up to the untamed love within us that wants to come out and play. Let love be your guide. Yes, we are all capable of genius, because we all have access to inspiration when we are stationed in our High Spiritual Hearts. Now is the time to envision a world based in Love, equality, respect, reverence, peace and joy. The High Spiritual Heart is calling us Home, to be who we were born to be.

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