Inspiring Images of Healing from Chimayo and the Santa Fe Retreat

Watch this short video and be inspired with healing energy from Chimayo and the Santa Fe Retreat. You can tell from the photos what a loving, joyous, heart-opening experience we all had.

Are You In Need of an intercession? This Retreat might be perfect timing for you. There are still a few spots left in The Santa Fe Retreat and Chimayo Healing Pilgrimage (October 20 & 21, 2019) where we will enter the mystical heart of the Divine Mother.

I was sitting in a room full of wheelchairs and crutches left by the people who no longer needed them because they were healed by the holy dirt on this sacred land. I asked the Divine Mother, “How was this possible?” And she told me, “Intercession is easy when people are in prayer and meditation, God and angels can enter here.”

Perhaps you are seeking more joy, creativity, inspiration or a deep core healing so you can be a healing presence for others. This is what happened to me when I had a direct encounter with the healing codes of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Sanctuary of Chimayo in New Mexico. And you can, too.

“The gift I received was life-changing, I will never be the same. I can say through trust and the unconditional love of the divine mother that I remember who I am and why I came to be. I feel free to be me. Thank you! This retreat exceeded beyond any expectation.” –Cynthia B.

The focus of the Retreat in Santa Fe is to allow the Divine Feminine frequencies to awaken us to the truth of who we are. Let the Divine Mother birth in you what has been waiting to be born. Life is short and we are here to co-create with Her loving embrace and guidance.

“This retreat was one of the most powerful events of my life. I am a changed person. In surrendering to the divine mother energy, I let go of so much fear and other blocks; and she filled me with love instead. Weeks later, my light shines brighter, as I continue to connect, grow and heal. Jenai created a deeply safe and holy place for us to work; and that guidance was with me for the entire retreat. I also loved the group- wow, what a group of amazing humans. The collective energy of support, love, faith, humor and intention was palpable; and becoming a part of this community makes me feel supported as I continue my journey.” –Christine T.

Many more delightful surprises will await you in Santa Fe during our retreat together. Santa Fe is so inspiring with its art, culture and strong Native American traditions. It is a mecca for the spiritually inclined and many are drawn here to harmonize with the Divine within and without. We will be staying in a beautiful boutique hotel in Santa Fe (Native American owned) and journey together to The Sanctuary of Chimayo (the Lourdes of the Americas) where the level of compassion is awe-inspiring and miracle healing is the norm.

“I started out with a distinct feeling of being “less than” and I came back feeling empowered. I know who I am, and that is good. The pain, guilt and unpleasant memories of the past were burned away; they no longer haunt me.” –Judith S.

If you know you would like to attend, please email me. This opportunity of a lifetime is limited to a small, intimate group and there are only a few spots left so act now.

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“I received a physical healing at Chimayo giving me considerable relief from a longstanding knee limitation.” –Katherine M.

May the Divine that Dwells in You Blossom into Wholeness, Jenai

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