Softening Our Suffering Healing Our Pain

Learn how to soften your suffering and begin to heal your pain in this short video. We seem to judge our pain, whether it is physical or emotional. We believe it means that there is something wrong with us. This judgment often creates an unconscious resistance to healing. When we instead bring the compassion frequency to our judgment and pain, it allows us to soften and open, becoming a gateway to God. This is when healing happens. Compassion has a strength that can hold the pain and suffering of the world, and it can certainly hold our own pain and suffering as well. When we allow it to do so, we soften into more of our Divine nature, and thus become able to hold a bigger space of love for ourselves and others without the need to hide, shrink, match, make things different or deny anything.When we meet “what is” with compassion, our hearts open instead of close and life becomes filled with our innate joy and love.

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