Take One Minute To Center Yourself

So often we feel scattered, overwhelmed and out of balance. In this video, I will share a quick centering technique to move back into balance bringing one hundred percent of your energy into this now moment. This is where your peace, power and presence can be found. Then you can meet the world from a place of balance and wholeness.

Channeling Corner:

Sometimes we look on our plate to see what is there and we may not like what we see or don’t see right before us.

This can make us feel lack or less than, and yet it is where we are looking that is creating the problem not what we are looking at. There is a vastness of abundance that exists, although it may not be in our own frame of reality. Reality is framed by us, meaning it is viewed through our own limitations. When we expand our capacity to perceive, we also expand our capacity to receive. This viewpoint can be altered as we redefine who is looking through the viewfinder. Is it the small self or is it your spirit? Spirit sees things in a big, grand, infinite landscape that is ever changing and full of possibility. Everything in this landscape has a purpose, has meaning, and can teach us how to be more of our Divine essence. In contrast, the ego’s worldview is narrow and full of distortions that make our engagement with the world only three dimensional, and as a result devoid of what it is we long for on a deep heart and soul level. Practice changing your view-finder and your view will change.

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