The Humility Transmission

*NEW* Video from Spirit Coach Training:
The Humility Transmission

Are you struggling with unworthiness? Watch this video and shift your consciousness.

Humility is the recognition that we are all God. It seems arrogant to say this, and yet it is the most humbling thing we can say, because in this statement is a relinquishing of both our specialness and our unworthiness. These are two sides of the same face of the egoic façade.

The ego would have us reject humility, for this is how it stays in control. When we have the need or desire to be special, we put ourselves above others and grasp for recognition, accolades and praise. At the other extreme, when we lack humility, our unworthiness takes hold and we become less than another in our own minds. Many of us get stuck here, never measuring up to where we believe we “should” be. This dynamic keeps us small and entrenched in the ego’s grasp.

If we were to let go of both our unworthiness and our specialness, we would become humble. This is the doorway to God because it eradicates ego (Edging God Out) at its most disruptive. For how could we ever be more than or less that God, when we are God? We are Divine, and so is all that we see. Even this very realization is completely humbling.

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