Vision: Where to Begin

Where we begin on the visionary path is by choosing love. What is it that you love? The thing you would do just for the sake of doing it. For me, it was always teaching others. When I was six years old I would pretend with my neighborhood friends that I was the teacher and they were my students. This came absolutely naturally to me, no one told me to play this way. What we love is what we play. We did this, when as a child, and if we are lucky, we are still doing it now. Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” He was not taking about ego gratification but that deep love that is within us. No one can tell us what it is; we just know it. It is that deep resonance that comes from our spirit.

The tool I am going to show you allows you to explore what makes your heart sing. If your heart is the window, your spirit is the door. Your heart can lead you to your spirit, and your spirit will lead you to your vision.

Transformational Tool: The Top Ten Things That Make My Heart Sing?

It is important to be Centered, Clear & Connected. I recommend practicing the five-minute mediation before doing this exercise. It will allow the door to your spirit to open, you will receive more information this way.

For example:

1.     Reading a really good book

2.   Writing poetry

3.    Watching the sunrise (I love new beginnings)


Top Ten Things that make My Heart Sing

Fill out the list below












Now that you have your list, I recommend after your morning meditation without looking at your list, use your intuition to see what number lights up and do that item today. This is a great way to integrate what you love into your daily life. Making time for what we love will lead us to our greatest vision.

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