What is a Transmission?
What Is A Transmission? Live Footage from The Feminine Face of Awake Retreat with Jenai and Susanne Marie

For years the Ascended Masters have been appearing to me and teaching me directly, often through transmission. When I asked them “What is a transmission?” they replied, “A transmission is God waking up to herself.” This made perfect sense to me, as I have found many times when sitting with God-realized beings that I, too, recognize the God in me through the energy they are transmitting.

 Transmissions are caught, not taught. This is why qualities that are dormant within us can be awakened when someone is transmitting them. It is one thing to understand and even “think” a quality at a mental level, but it is quite another to experience it and radiate it-one is conceptual, and the other embodied. This embodiment is why transmissions have the power to transform us all the way down to a cellular level.

It is important to understand that a transmission is not the imparting of something to you by someone else, for no one can give you what you already have. It is merely an awakening of what may as yet be unclaimed by you.

In my work as a Spirit Coach® and teacher, I have noticed that these transmissions have been coming through me, and I have found that they are much more impactful than the content I am actually teaching. And I’m far from alone in that experience; transmissions are happening organically on a mass scale today like never before. That said, it is important to put ourselves in situations that can open us more to these transmissions. I have found that when people come together with the common intention of awakening and activating their Divinity, this actually happens. It may happen in incremental stages, or it may happen in giant leaps; I have experienced both. 

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