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The New Playbook…this is the companion workbook to Spirit Led Instead. If you loved the book, you will love this inspirational journal and workbook.

Spirit Led Instead

Are you ready to transform yourself and your life? This book of 18 transformational tools gives you more access to your spirit. When you apply these simple, non-dogmatic tools that have been used successfully for over a decade, the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Online Course: The Divine Feminine Transmissions

Imagine for a moment if the feminine aspects of the Divine came alive in you. Could this nurturing, unconditionally loving, accepting, and humble presence allow you to experience your Divine nature more readily and without hesitation? In this course, you will wake up this fierce grace within and activate your wholeness.

Find a Certified Spirit Coach®

You can access whatever it is that eludes you at this moment—whether it is your purpose, your intuition, your creative genius, your vision, your power, or your fulfillment—by aligning with your spirit. We have a select group of highly trained Spirit Coaches that will guide you to your highest path.