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The New Playbook…this is the companion workbook to Spirit Led Instead. If you loved the book, you will love this inspirational journal and workbook.

Spirit Led Instead

Are you ready to transform yourself and your life? This book of 18 transformational tools gives you more access to your spirit. When you apply these simple, non-dogmatic tools that have been used successfully for over a decade, the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Live Local Events

Come join our spiritual community where we will share in meditations, healings and teachings to awaken the Divine within. Nourish your spirit with compassion and love.

1-Day Retreat on 12.1.18 in San Rafael

As a lightworker, you also need to fill up. As 2018 winds to a close, it is time to reflect, celebrate, nourish and dwell in the radiance of Divine Love. Finish the year feeling complete, touch the God within and swim in the divine waters of compassion & grace in a 1-Day Retreat with Jenai.