About Jenai

About Jenai Lane, Founder of Spirit Coach® Training

Jenai Lane, Founder, Spirit Coach Training

Jenai Lane today understands the difference between co-creating from a Spirit perspective and creating from an ego perspective. She has allowed herself to follow her guidance and intuition, coming full circle, as she now lives her life knowing her purpose in this incarnation. Through her evolution on the Spiritual Path, she has studied with many enlightened teachers, trained in many intuitive/healing arts and has experienced her own miracles, coming to the place of directing others on the path through Spirit Coaching.

Her Spirit Coach® Methodology has been used for over 15 years with clients one-on-one, in retreat settings and to train master coaches. It has inspired the heart and soul of entrepreneurs across the country assisting them in bringing their highest Vision into the world. Jenai has a gift of seeing and awakening the Divine in you. This includes your purpose, gifts and the contribution you are here to make in this incarnation. She will help you clear the blocks that cloud your true essence as spirit and support you in accessing your own truth that will lead you home to your true Self. Through a combination of intuitive readings, practical non-dogmatic tools and healing transmissions, the spirit within you begins to shine brighter and brighter. You can work with Jenai in a group setting via her online courses, A Spirit-Led Life and The Divine Feminine Transmission, her in-person Spirit Led Live GatheringsRetreatsPractitioner Training® and Spirit Coach® Training.

Jenai has a complete understanding of the business world as a former woman entrepreneur of the year. At the age of twenty-four, Jenai started her first award-winning company, Respect, Inc. and became an inventor of many patented and trademarked products. As a result she appeared in much media, from The New York Times to appearing on The Rosie O’Donnell Show. Jenai also received numerous awards, including: NAWBO Women Entrepreneur of the Year and SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year. She is featured in four books about women and business.

Jenai currently lives in California where she coaches, writes and co-creates her Vision. She listens to her guidance, lives her life in service and gratitude for the people, beauty and enriching experiences in her life. She released her first much anticipated book to the acclaim of many, Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation.