Amrito Cross
Master Spirit Coach ®

“Amrito sees and expresses truth with such compassion. She co-creates a safe and sacred space, and is a delight to work with! Amrito brings through high spiritual guidance that always feels profound and right on the mark.” Kassandra O, client

Certified Master Spirit Coach®, yoga and meditation teacher, Amrito Cross brings compassionate strength and grounded joy to help people access their truth in an uplifting and safe environment. She is a Co-Director, with her husband, of the Center for Spiritual Development, a school dedicated to educating people on how to experience themselves as Spirit. She has been joyously serving others in one-on-one coaching for over a decade, with clients ranging from 20 to 70, and has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 14 years. Amrito has travelled widely, lived in several very different cultures, and has been an avid seeker and learner since childhood, culminating in her service as a Spirit Coach®. This depth of knowledge and experience, along with her gentle humor, allows her to connect with and inspire her clients on their own spiritual journeys. She is a captivating speaker and workshop facilitator, and especially loves assisting with Spirit Coach Training® Intensives. Whether it’s through teaching or coaching, her passion is facilitating blossoming.

To find out if Spirit Coaching and Amrito are the perfect fit for you, contact her for a free 30-minute consultation, including an intuitive guided meditation and mini-reading to assist you in stepping forward on your path.

“You are so refreshingly sweet and kind, yet you find a way to get to the heart of the matter most profoundly. It is confront with deep compassion. Just what I want.” Judith S, client

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