Coach Training
Becoming a Certified Spirit Coach

“Words can not express my gratitude for this Training. The depth, the safety, the care, the group members, the assistant coaches; had the environment feel extraordinary. And that was just the beginning.”  -Beth Noonan

We offer certified coach trainings for those individuals who are called to this path. This is a unique opportunity to co-create a career by serving others.

A Spirit Coach awakens the Divine Potential in themselves and others, facilitating an opening through the part of ourselves that knows who we are and why we are here. Instead of working from the outside in, a Spirit Coach works, from the inside out. Working from the premise that one’s Spirit already knows our Vision and it is here our greatness lies. A Spirit Coach merely facilitates one to come back into alignment with their Spirit. It is from this place, we are connected to our intuition, where we know with the deep resonance of our heart and soul, what we are to BE in this world. It is from this place of Being where all doing emanates and one begins to co-create their lives. The Spirit Coach understands the Spirit, mind, and body connection, facilitating the client in making the unconscious, conscious.

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