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Imagine for a moment what it would be like to feel free to be your true self, creating your vision in the world and contributing to the greater good as a result. This is what fulfillment looks like—and it could be you. It’s time to stop searching for answers outside. Your spirit, the highest, wisest part of you knows the way. All you have to do is connect to it.

Well, if you have read Spirit Led Instead, you may already be aware of this. The question is: Are you applying the transformational tools in your own life?

Have you ever read a self-help book and wished you could have a guide, a built-in support system, someone who is holding you accountable for practicing what it is you are learning?

I know I have.

What if you could learn tools to transform your life and be guided in the process by the author of that book? Discover a guidance system where your questions are answered directly. Where you are held in a safe container and learn in an environment with others, tapping into the wisdom of the group and creating community. Where you get to contribute, learn, and take your growth to the next level.

So often on the path of spiritual growth, we somehow aren’t seeing the sustainable results we would like to. Yes, we may get a quick fix here and there but the changes rarely last. What if you could gain access to a sustainable, proven method of transformation that has been transforming leaders on their paths of awakening for over a decade?

The truth is that reading about something more often than not is just an intellectual exercise, but applying the tools we learn in our own lives is actually what creates transformation. Take the next step toward actualizing your Divine potential.

bookwingsA Spirit-Led Life: Group Coaching to Awaken Your Greatest Vision, Fulfillment & the Spirit in YOU.

Eight Weeks of Group Distance Learning
Now on Wednesday’s at 5:30 p.m. Pacific & 8:30 p.m. Eastern

February 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th, 2018
March 7th, 4th, 21st & 28th, 2018

Are you ready to transform yourself and your life?


This eight-week process is yours for only $397. This includes weekly group coaching sessions with me, weekly lesson plans and homeplay to integrate what you are learning into your life (yes it’s called play because it is fun), guided meditations, audio replay of all the calls, live chat on the calls and interactive on-line community, and so much more.

This course always sells out. Register now to ensure your spot.

Your first step is to enroll in “A Spirit-Led Life” 8-week.
Only $397!

For Alumni Only $197.

Pay in 4 Bi-monthly Payments of $127
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Thank you for registering now as space are limited. This course is a prerequisite for A Spirit Led Life Practitioner® Training.

Join me in a group coaching process that offers sustainable transformation and non-dogmatic tools you can use for the rest of your life for a fraction of the cost to coach with me one-on-one. In a small committed group, you will receive the guidance you need to learn to be spirit led. Tap into the group energy and support. Connect to my intuitive guidance and let me coach you toward a spirit-led life—where your inner visionary, gifts, and true genius live.

During this course, you will learn to:

• Access your inner vision—the contribution you are here to make
• Discover a spiritual practice that can transform your life now
• Be true to yourself, gaining more energy, clarity, and inspiration
• Do less and be more, saving you hours of wasted time every day
• Let go of negative thoughts and feelings from your past and present
• Access that sweet spot where all your best ideas live
• Increase joy, peace, and freedom in your life
• Align to your highest self by using practical, non-dogmatic tools

You will also receive:

• Group coaching and the support of a spirit-based community
• Receive healing from divine guides and helpers
• A sacred space conducive for deep personal growth work
• Eight weeks of small group distance learning (includes weekly live calls with Jenai, meditations, exercises, recordings, Playbook, an interactive learning community and so much more)

Here’s what people are saying about Spirit Led Instead:


“Are you looking for a direct and simple way to embrace your life with more joy, illuminate the love within you, and live from the wisest part of you? Spirit Led Instead is the treasured resource you’ll find yourself returning to again and again. Read this book carefully and these life-altering tools will allow you to consciously change your world.”

-Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason


“There is a lovely quality to this book; it is simple and wise, personal and at the same time expansive. You’ll be guided through a clarifying process that will help you reshape your perceptual habits and life. Jenai Lane brings higher wisdom into many practical applications for transforming yourself and your world.”

-Penney Peirce, author of Frequency and The Intuitive Way


“As the president of a publicly traded biotech company, I make time everyday to be spirit led because these tools have made me more effective in the boardroom, more capable as a manager and a far more patient and loving mother, partner and friend. The contents of Spirit Led Instead will change you in so many positive ways you won’t be able to count them after a while.”

-Mary Tagliaferri, MD, Lac, California Woman of the Year

Want to hear what people are saying who took the Course? The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive and authentic that it warms my heart every time I read what people said. Here is a sampling:



“There is something magical about this particular Course that presented to me on a plate everything that I had been struggling and yearning for my whole life. I have found my Self. The benefits I have received from this course are many but the one that is the most striking is that for more than four decades I have been on this path and remained angry, self-hating, debased and now in 8 short one hour lessons, Jenai switched on the Light for me, literally. I have at last connected with Spirit, let my Wounded Child be healed and let go of my False Self. I feel whole and holy. I love myself. I love life. I am free. I am grateful beyond words.”

-Judith Stern


“The benefits I have received are so much. I am more peaceful, more me. Things have come up that in the past would have sent me over the edge have now been opportunities. I walk around like a child in awe of every moment. I find blessings in bad situations so nothing is ever truly bad just an experience to be lived and learned from. Judgment is way down, especially on my self, which is allowing me more self-love. I am so grateful, Jenai, because I am more the true me.”

-Juliette Tanzi


“Thank you for calling in such beautiful light beings and holding the space for deep transformational healing to occur. I reignited a deep trust and connection with Spirit and my inner knowing. The phone sessions were so well rounded with inspiration, beautiful healing meditations & the opportunity for every person in our group to share. I appreciated how easy the site was to navigate thru the course and home play assignments. It kept me accountable every week, and I was inspired by the posts of others in our group.”

-Karyn Holland


“The course was perfect! It absolutely exceeded my expectations. I had no idea we would be given such in depth information and all the recordings. The home play was awesome. I do plan to do every bit of it again and again. The feedback both online and being able to communicate through email was also awesome. The website was incredible. I loved being able to access that at anytime.”

-Linda Wolok


“Major shifts are happening due to you holding an enormous bubble of light and love for us. The meditations, the tools, the sharing in the group are inspirational. I feel so much more self-love and compassion which has a wonderful trickle down effect on others. Now, I’m reaching for a tool quickly when a storm is brewing.”

-Barbara Wolf


“I can’t thank you enough for the depth of space and holding you provided and the healing that granted me! I received immense healing from this course. I received more mobility and restoration of movement in my shoulder in 8 weeks than in the past 6 months of chiropractic and physical therapy. I loved the meditations the most—and the recordings of them. They are an integral part of my daily practice now.”

-CarolAnne Inceoglu


“The shifts that I have experienced over the past eight weeks have been monumental. I feel as though this course cemented all of the other work and connection to Spirit that I have been developing and held it in a true and solid container with the group, not only during our calls, but throughout the course (and I still feel it reverberating). The tools have helped me so incredibly much with learning to dig in more deeply and let go with love and forgiveness, holding gratitude at it’s highest. Your grace has carried through in all of this, Jenai, and I feel it with me along with Holy Spirit. The way you have guided each of us through this process while we were all at vastly different levels and held the safe container has been a true gift to be a part of. I won’t stop utilizing these tools and practices. I cannot imagine my life without them any longer.”

-Beth George


“The course was a reminder of the work we continue to do in our lives to connect deeply with who we are. Having all of the resources to support me is amazing; I love doing the activities and listening to the meditations. It has been a gift doing this program.”



“Jenai, I feel immensely grateful for this experience to collaborate with you and the other students. I am more connected to my spirit than ever before and I look forward to continuing to live a spirit led life. This course has exceeded my expectations in that I did not expect to have the depth of love and compassion for myself, and others, as I do today. Listening to your teachings, your personal experiences, and learning about other great visionaries and the paths they have walked were my favorite parts of this course. I loved it all. Thank you.”

-Cindy Barry


“Thank you for leading such a great course. It most certainly exceeded my expectations. It has taught me to create a practice to take care of myself, which in turn, makes me more productive and enjoy life more. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone seeking to improve his/her quality of life.”

-Jeff Wolok


“I am finding new openings; inner knowing, forgiveness (of myself and others), self-acceptance and love, around every corner, everyday. I feel the power of your intention for us as a group to grow and experience being Spirit Led. I joined this course because of you, Jenai. You bring light and love to all that you do.”

-Hope Logie

Your first step is to enroll in “A Spirit-Led Life” 8-week.
Only $397!

For Alumni Only $197.

Pay in 4 Bi-monthly Payments of $127
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $127.00 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 3) $127.00 USD
Total $508.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Answering Your Question About How The Course Works: Logistics & Love

If I cannot participate on a certain day, or “tune in late” can I still get the lesson online?

Yes, all calls and lessons are online so even if you miss a call or come in late, you will have access to the complete call to listen to whenever you choose. These materials are always accessible to you 24 hours a day. In fact, some people choose to do the course in their own timing and do not take the calls live each week. They still receive tremendous value from the course. That said, I recommend the live calls whenever your schedule allows for it. Recording of all the calls will be available online 24/7, as well as, specific meditations that you can use over and over again.

How long are the weekly calls?

The group coaching calls are for about 60 minutes. Calls consist of teaching, meditating, answering your specific questions and addressing your needs, energy transmissions, sharing from participants, toning and lots of other wonderful surprises. If you can’t make a call, no problem, it will be recorded for you.

Can you explain a little more about how the course works?

All the calls, materials, content (your online playbook), and recorded meditations are all online so you can access them at anytime. You will work in an online playbook (workbook) which contains teaching both in written, video, photo and audio formats so whatever type of learner you are, you will receive what you need. Every week, the course materials come out for that week and you can work (and play) with them in your own timing that works for you. You can post your shares, questions, comment and homeplay (it’s not called homework because it’s fun) throughout the course. You can also comment, interact and exchange ideas and support with everyone in the group. I read every post you make!

How much time will I be putting into this course?

At least, one hour per week for each call. I also recommend at least one hour per week for the tools that I give you to experiment with. Remember that what you put in, is what you get out. People have had extraordinary transformations with this process and I know you will, too, as you show up fully (100%), open to the experience without doubt, and trust your spirit, me and the group to raise up to higher levels of consciousness by coming together with a common intention. You know the quote, ”when two or more are gathered…” I find this synergy creates the energy of miracles. I am looking forward to creating some with you.


I would say this is the best online Course I have taken. From the tools we received to the energy downloads. If you would like to reconnect with your soul and shed the parts which are not aligned, this course is a “must”. Loved the presentations (online) and how a powerful container was created by Jenai for us to transform and feel the light.



You were excellent in putting all the tools together in a workable way where it didn’t feel overwhelming. It worked.



I really love that the group supported each other. I often feel alone in my thoughts, but when I shared my truths with the group, I felt I had a family watching over me. If you feel called to take this course do it. You are ready to allow the true you to shine. This course helps you tap into the perfection you are and are meant to be. I took the course twice because I love the person I am learning to be.



I would recommend this course to anyone looking for any “spirit shot”. I have recommended this course! My friends saw me so happy and so peaceful that they asked ME about IT!



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