Find A Spirit Coach®

Jenai has handpicked and personally trained each Spirit Coach. She will be able to refer you to the coach that can best serve you. Please call or e-mail Jenai today to receive a personal referral and a Free Discovery Session.

Coaching with Jenai, Founder of Spirit Coach ® Training

Jenai has a gift of seeing and awakening the Divine in you. This includes your purpose, gifts and the contribution you are here to make in this incarnation. She will help you clear the blocks that cloud your true essence as spirit and support you in accessing your own truth that will lead you home to your Self. Through a combination of intuitive readings, practical non-dogmatic tools and healing energy, the spirit within you begins to shine brighter and brighter. There is nothing more valuable than this.

“You are calm, focused, knowledgeable, experience-based (meaning you bring a lot of personal experience and understanding), loving and encouraging support and guidance. I appreciate that you NEVER judge or make me feel bad for anything. I always feel that your ‘readings’ are dead on, and that you are very talented in your spiritual abilities.”

-Lynda Pelayo, Client

Jenai is also available for coaching. Please call, (415) 786-3817, or e-mail Jenai directly to find out about her availability.

Finding a Certified Spirit Coach

All Certified Spirit Coaches are trained intuitives. They can take you directly to your blocks and help you clear them without wasting your time and money. The shifts you will receive through this type of spirit-directed coaching are sustainable because you are connecting to the spirit within you—where everything you want is. Let spirit lead you to the highest, wisest part of you. Your true self, gifts and infinite light are waiting to be actualized. Call for a free discovery session today.

“It opens up ones mind in exploring what is possible, not in a way that you are telling me what is possible, but giving me the tools to explore, so I am doing the work, plus obtaining the skills that I can utilize again when needed- a much more sustainable shift than traditional coaching.”

-Lauren Lai, Client

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