Free Webinar: Embody Your Divine Feminine

There is no need to search anymore but to simply awaken what already lies with you. I am going to show you how in this free webinar to cultivate the Divine Feminine frequencies that already are within you but may be dormant. We will use the power of our individual and collective intention to ignite the Divine essence within us. This is what heals our wounds, ignites our light, and sparks our passion of the high spiritual heart so we can give the gifts we came to contribute to this world. There is nothing more joyous and fulfilling than this.

* Learn why the Divine Feminine may be the missing piece in creating wholeness in your life

* Discover how Incarnational Spirituality empowers you to embrace both your humanity & your Divinity

* Connect to the Female Masters, Saints & Mystics who awakened in their human lifetime, and learn how you can, too

* Ignite the frequencies of Compassion, Trust and Inspiration leading to a lifetime of grace

* Learn to trust that there is something greater at the helm of your life, directing you to your highest life path

Sing the song of your soul! Celebrate who you are! Offer yourself to the world!


The recording is waiting for you. It’s free and you won’t want to miss this!

You will also receive The BRAND NEW Compassion Meditation by signing up for, “Out of Your Mind & Into Your Spirit” FREE Online Course. Once you enroll, go to the Compassion Page. You will find this powerful MP3 download to ignite the compassion within.

If you already know you want to enroll in The Divine Feminine Transmission, you can learn more here.

This is a course with Jenai, the Spirit Coach morphic field and many powerful light beings. Now with Transmissions. These Transmissions have been known to result in miracle healings and awakenings on many levels.

It does fill up every time it is offered so register early if your spirit is guiding you.

The world needs you now, not when you are perfect.

Blessings to Ignite Your Light,
Jenai Lane
Founder of Spirit Coach® Training

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