Free Webinar: Calling All Light Workers: Ignite Your Light

Many of you are light workers and are called to serve others. You may have known this for a long time, or perhaps, just realized, but you don’t know how to actualize it.

Learn to elevate your Self by serving others but don’t do this without filling your own cup first. Jump on this free call for some deep spiritual nourishment held in a sacred container of Love and magnified by a supportive spiritual community. There will be healing transmissions and a guided meditation to further ignite your light. You will receive an invitation two days and one hour before the call.

Join me Wednesday, May 2nd at 5:30pm Pacific where I will support you in stepping into your next level of service. I will also include upcoming information about the next Spirit Led Practitioner® Training which begins May 16th, 2018. I will be answering your questions about this opportunity to be trained and coached during this 6-month program.


It is Wednesday, May 2nd at 5:30pm (PST). It’s free and you won’t want to miss this!

You will also receive The BRAND NEW Compassion Meditation by signing up for, “Out of Your Mind & Into Your Spirit” FREE Online Course. Once you enroll, go to the Compassion Page. You will find this powerful MP3 download to ignite the compassion within. If you are already enrolled in my free course, you will automatically receive the call in numbers 2 days before the live webinar.

If you already know you want to enroll in Spirit Led Practitioner® Training , you can register here.

This is a live course with Jenai, the Spirit Coach morphic field and many powerful light beings. Now with live Transmissions. These Transmissions have been known to result in miracle healings and awakenings on many levels.

It does fill up every time it is offered so register early if your spirit is guiding you.

This training is only offered every 1-2 years. It is a prerequisite for Certified Spirit Coach® Training beginning in Fall 2018.

The world needs you now, not when you are perfect.

Blessings to Ignite Your Light,
Jenai Lane
Founder of Spirit Coach® Training

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