Free Webinar: Receive Your Vision for 2018 & Transmission for Awakening

If your soul longs for spiritual awakening and intuitive opening, this is your year.
2018 is an “11” year in Numerology. 11 is the master number, mastering one’s small sell to step into Divine alignment. I want to support you in this walk for no one needs to do this alone. Join me for a free webinar where you will gain access to more of your Divine Self where your vision for 2018 can be found. Not only will you receive direct guidance about your vision for 2018 but you will also receive a Transmission for awakening. This webinar is not to be missed for it will propel you on your spirit’s path. The time is now!


Many of us set New Year’s goals and resolutions only to find that they do not manifest. One of the problems may be your goals may not be coming from your spirit—the highest, wisest, most authentic part of you that knows why you are here in this incarnation. Without accessing this part of you, you may be forming goals from ego and feeling like you have failed when you don’t reach those goals or perhaps, maybe you have reached them but do not feel fulfilled. I know I have done this exact thing. What I was missing and what you may be missing too, is that your goals were not spirit led.

I am going to guide you through a short and effective visioning process to access your vision through your spirit. What you may find is something extraordinary because your greatest vision is absolutely within you. I have helped hundreds of people connect to their spirit and access the power of their vision. I can guide you, too.

Join me as we tap into the collective power of the group to amplify our vision and discover who we are and what we are really capable of. Together, we will connect to our spirit’s vision and a Transmission for awakening for our healing, growth and increased ability to manifest.

It is Wednesday, January 31st at 5:30pm (PST). It’s free and so is your greatest vision because it is within you!

You can join the live event by registering here.

Jump into the free course now and you will receive instant access to Three Transformational Tools to get you started in accessing your spirit—where the real you lives, where your vision is, and where everything you came to give this world is.

If you already know you want to do the 8-week online course, “A Spirit-led Life”: Group Coaching to Awaken Your Greatest Vision, Fulfillment & the Real You, you can go register here. This is a live course with Jenai, the Spirit Coach morphic field and many powerful light beings. Now with live Transmission each week. These Transmissions have been known to result in miracle healings and awakenings on many levels. It does sell out every time it is offered so register early if your spirit is guiding you.

Blessings for A Spirit Led life in 2018,
Jenai Lane
Founder of Spirit Coach® Training

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