Spirit-Led Live + Free Healing Hour Online

Come join us in spiritual community where we will share in meditations, healings and teachings to awaken the Divine within. You don’t have to walk through this challenging time alone. Now Online! This is a free service. Donations are accepted below.


This is the pathway of Incarnational Spirituality where in the claiming and calling forth of our Divinity, our light becomes more activated and awakened within us. The spiritual path doesn’t have to be so difficult. All we have to do is shift our focus to the Divine within and everything changes. Spiritual growth can happen at a much faster pace if the energy of joy, acceptance and compassion are present. When we allow the Divine to anchor in our hearts, it can wake up the precious resources that lie dormant within each of us. Come experience deep spiritual nourishment and a new level of being at home in your true Self.

Online. Please register for the free course here and you will receive instant access to healing tools and meditations you can use right now.

Upcoming Dates:

January 16th, 2020

Saturday, February 1st, 2020, 1-Day Retreat in San Rafael, CA, Click Here to Register SOLD OUT

February 13th, 2020

February 27th, 2020

Friday, March 27th at 12pm PST

Saturday, April 4th at 12pm PST

Friday, April 10th at 12pm PST

Saturday, April 18th at 12pm PST

Friday, April 24th at 12pm PST

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 at 12pm PST

Saturday, June 20th, 2020 at 12pm PST

Saturday, December 12th, 2020, 10:30am to 1pm PST, Half-Day Virtual Retreat: Nourish Your Soul

Everyone is welcome! If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here:

Due to the power of the group dynamic your healing intentions are amplified.

Some of What You May Receive & More:
• Connect in spiritual community
• Allow the group energy to amplify your individual intentions
• Nourish your spirit on a deep level
• Activate your sacred heart
• Awaken you own Divinity
• Allow your gifts to emerge
• Open your channels to the Divine
• Feel more empowered in your True Self
• Discover new tools & practices
• Increase your level of compassion and self-love

What people are saying about Jenai’s teachings:


“The expansion of LOVE in my heart multiplied my a million. I’m seeing and experiencing people in their Divinity. Thank you for being the door to a path of an enlightened heart that keeps on expanding never resting in the apathy of the mind.”



“WOW! Last night was absolutely amazing. I felt such a tremendous presence the moment I walked up the steps of the church and it just kept building. The guided meditation was so incredibly powerful, and very poignant to me.”



“The primary reason I am drawn to what Jenai offers is that her energy and example opens all of us in ways we don’t completely understand. There is so much going on at so many levels. My awareness and connection to Source continues to grow richer and deeper. This growth is the most fulfilling experience of my life.”



“The things that moved me most were that you serve each of us on our own path and you offer Incarnational Spirituality focusing on the Divine Within. I felt that in these things you spoke directly to my needs, my intentions, my personal path. In the class, I felt served in all these areas. It was a rich and healing experience.”



“As Jenai evolves in her own spiritual journey, the Spirit Led Programs continue to elevate. Each time I feel the expansion and power of the Masters and the Divine Entities working with us more fully. This is why I keep returning; it is always evolving and I receive more of what I need in that moment.”



“The last event was stratospheric. Each experience is even more amazing than the one before. Thank you for all you do to bring this heavenly energy into our lives.”



“I look forward to these classes every time! I feel an immense gratitude that I can be in a safe place to shine my true self! The energy offered in these classes has helped me peel off those stubborn layers of my false self. I have experienced profound healing beyond my understanding…and most of all an increased level of self love that I take with me; it is priceless!”


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