Spirit Led Instead Playbook

We have taken the 18 Transformational Tools for becoming spirit led to a whole new level of integration in one fun, illuminating and supportive spiral-bound journal that will fit in your purse.

This is the companion workbook to Spirit Led Instead. If you loved the book, you will love this inspirational journal and workbook which includes:

• A sacred container for all of your Spirit-led guidance

• A fun and profound way to access your spirit in a guided,   step-by-step fashion

• Practices for active meditation, accessing your greatest vision, and centering into your true self

• Messages from spirit to lead you home to yourself


Here are reviews from some of the first people to use this new Playbook:


“I feel both taken by the hand through processes in a nice friendly and accessible way, and at the same time feel how it holds me as a portable “sacred space” to share and become more and more myself.”

-Alissa Blackman


“The playbook is a great companion. Much of the success of this work feels like it comes from being supported. The book is a support, and the journal takes it a step further so the reader can truly integrate the material. It lights up when I work with it, which causes me to feel very guided and supported. I can feel the morphic field when I work with it. ”

-Stacy Conlon


“I find the Playbook an invaluable tool, and the perfect adjunct to the publication “Spirit Led Instead.” It is beautifully designed, with all the necessary exercises for the next steps to limitless transformation. I am delighted with it, as it makes studying and evolving so much easier.”

-Judith Stern


“Love how it breaks everything down to integrate-able bites!

-Christine Hilderbrand


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“Supportive!” “Transformative!”


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