Spirit-Led Retreat in Sedona

The Sedona Retreat: Nourish Your Spirit in Healing Vortexes & Awaken with Special Guest, Gina Lake


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Join us for this mystical journey of healing and expansion into our Divine Selves. This retreat will be held in a luxury boutique hotel in the magical town of Sedona, Arizona where we all can gather together to share in spiritual community to awaken the Divine within.

Arriving on May 5th and departing on May 9th we will be in the glorious beauty and one of the highest vibrations on the planet, Sedona, Arizona. We will stay at the beautiful and heart-opening, Sunset Chateau, run by miracles healers. Many past participants have had encounters with Jesus here.

I am so excited for you to meet one of my spiritual mentors and friends, Gina Lake. She is the author of over 20 books and awakened out of ego consciousness over 18 years ago. She rarely speaks to the public so this is a wonderful opportunity to receive both a transmission and a teaching to help us in our own awakening process.

Of course, there will also be field trips to sacred land out in the high desert leading us to higher levels of consciousness within us. As we claim and strengthen our Divinity, we will better actualize our unique life purpose and contribution we are here to give. There will also be plenty of spiritual community, love, support, laughter and joy as we play together in the field of miracles.

Come nourish your spirit, dive deeper into your Divinity and learn to live from the Sacred Heart.

Sedona is a special place for me. The energy here is like a portal of creativity, clarity and Divine inspiration. Sedona is where I met my first spirit guide and channeled my book. I would like to share with you this same opportunity to receive exactly what you need at this time in your own spiritual evolution.


May 5th-8th, 2018. We will meet on Saturday May 5th at 7pm at The Little Chapel in Paradise Valley, Arizona. On Sunday, May 6th we will attend the miracle healing service with Sara O”Meara at The Little Chapel (approximately 10am to 2pm). Then, we will spend 2 full days in a Spirit Led Retreat in Sedona (May 7th & 8th).

A Sunset Chateau, 665 South Sunset Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336

Please make a reservation at The Sunset Chateau B&B under “Jenai Lane’s Group”. Rooms are reserved only for a limited time. If you would like a roommate option, please email Jenai and she will arrange this. The rooms are all unique and beautiful; some are large enough to accommodate two or more people. This is a intimate B&B setting that includes breakfast, and we will all eat together each morning. I recommend you stay here if possible, so we can all enjoy a sense of spiritual community together.

$700 (A monthly payment plan is available.)

You can fly into Sky Harbor Phoenix International Airport (PHX). Then, you’ll need to drive to Sedona which is about a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from Phoenix. You can fly out of Phoenix anytime on or after Wednesday the 9th. There are some great deals on flights & hotels right now.

To be eligible for this Retreat, you must have completed “A Spirit-Led Life” 8-week course or “The Divine Feminine Transmission” or have been coached by Jenai in a one-on-one capacity.

Secure your spot by paying the deposit of $250

Space is limited, so please reserve you spot now.
Last year this retreat sold out in a few days.

Contact Jenai for more information.

I am looking forward to sharing magic and miracles with you,

What people are saying about Jenai’s teachings:


“Wow, mind blowing retreat! I can hardly contain the energy within. I want to sing out with every fiber of my being, feeling my voice could reach the mountaintops. I feel Rich, Deep and Inspired into a flow of energy that can’t keep me still. I’m connecting so deeply to God’s love that is flowing through all those I know and that love is being powerfully reflected back to me. I AM Alive, Awakened, In Spirit. Thank you for being a powerful vessel of God’s love. It is you that has shown us what is possible and so our LIGHT is ignited!!!”

Gwen Williams


“The benefits of The Sedona Retreat continue to unfold…and give remembrance of who I truly am. I am better able to take notice and hear my guides who speak very softly so that I may dig deeper into my silence. I was very inspired by Gina Lake’s meditation and how she guided us to take a look at the silence, be curious about it and discover it’s qualities that are endless! Since the visit to The Little Chapel and the healing I received there my heart arrhythmia has been asymptomatic. I was actually scheduled today to go in for a patch that monitors the irregular heartbeat but have cancelled because I have no symptoms! YAY!
Another benefit was my reconnection and embodiment of the Divine Feminine! For me it was the missing piece in my spiritual journey. I felt blessed to have Jenai as a spiritual leader in one of the most beautiful settings and honored to witness her growth as a spiritual seeker and teacher. I love that she brings her humor giving an ease and softness (The Divine Feminine) to the work at hand. I would definitely recommend this Retreat…”

Ann Kaye


“I would recommend this Retreat to others who are on a spiritual journey. I would say, it is a Magical Retreat not to be missed!”

Eileen Hoyt


“Wow. Just wow. OK, I can elaborate beyond wow…I am deeply transformed by the experience of this retreat. The divine energy held by Jenai, Amrito, and all, created such a safe and inviting container to dive into Spirit. I was amazed at how vibrant and clear many of my meditations were. This retreat revealed to me who I truly am at a deeper level than I’ve ever witnessed before. It has catalyzed changes in how I perceive reality such that my whole life is going to a higher level, a higher octave of being.”

-Kassandra Olsen


“Oh my! How to compact a spiritual super nova into this small box? There is a greater presents of Holy Spirit within me that is allowing me to see how I have been connected to the Divine throughout my life. This understanding gives me more self-confidence and trust in my own wisdom and guidance. Sounds simple, but feels huge!!! To be held, protected and guided through my most raw vulnerabilities into the next metamorphosis on my spiritual path is the greatest gift I could ever be given! Jenai with Grace and Beauty your angelic presence in my life holds such a strong connection to Source. Thank you, thank you and thank you. In all ways, always.”

-Suzanne Perot


“If you are interested in deepening your connection to your Divine Self, if you want to awaken but you don’t know how, if you want to connect with a group of wonderful Spirits on a similar path, if you want to learn from an incredible spiritual teacher who radiates pure Love, really walks the talk, teaches practical tips and tools and offers profound insights that have the potential to change your life — this retreat is for you!”

-Stacy Conlon


  1. Jun 14, 2015
    3:08 pm

    Ann Kaye

    Jenai. I would love to join you on this but I don’t know if this will conflict with level 7’s weekend…..it is supposed to be sometime in October? I will check in with Adee and get back to you. Blessings Ann Kaye

    • Jun 15, 2015
      6:31 pm

      Jenai Lane

      Hi Ann,
      I would love for you to join us on this amazing journey. There is someone else from your class who is also attending.

  2. Apr 10, 2016
    5:33 pm

    judi gatti

    Jeni, FYI: if you do go in October, I would be delighted to go with you. Blessings

  3. Mar 26, 2017
    11:12 am

    Suzanne Perot

    Dear Jenai,
    I am not able to attend in May. Do you think there is a possibility that you would have one later in the year, perhaps September or October? I need to be able to plan well in advance. Do you let me know if this is a possibility.
    Thank you for your dedication and support.

  4. Jul 13, 2017
    8:25 pm

    Tara Thornton

    Yes! So excited for another Sedona retreat!

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