Santa Fe Retreat & Chimayo Healing Pilgrimage

Santa Fe Retreat & Chimayo Healing Pilgrimage

I am so excited to share this with you that I can hardly contain myself! Some of you know I made a pilgrimage to Santa Fe and Chimayo last fall where I encountered the deep loving embrace of the Divine Mother as Our Lady of Guadalupe. This meeting of profound healing, love and creativity birthed in me a new trajectory of Love. I want to share this with you during the Santa Fe Retreat and healing pilgrimage to The Sanctuary of Chimayo!

We will be staying in a beautiful boutique hotel in Santa Fe (Native American owned) and journey together to The Sanctuary of Chimayo (the Lourdes of the Americas) where the level of compassion is awe-inspiring and miracle healing is the norm. This simple sanctuary embodies the Divine Mother’s love as you partake in the holy dirt that has healed many people since the 1816. Taking this journey together will open space in our hearts for the pain to dissolve and love to enter. This is where creativity can be born and our service can blossom resulting in so much joy and deep inner nourishment and fulfillment.

Many more delightful surprises will await you in Santa Fe during our retreat together. Santa Fe is so inspiring with its art, culture and strong Native American traditions. It is a mecca for the spiritually inclined and many are drawn here to harmonize with the Divine within and without.

Are you ready to?

  • Heal your heart
  • Heal your body and mind
  • Awaken to your True Self
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Enter into The Divine Feminine
  • Ripen in your wisdom
  • Birth more compassion for yourself & others
  • Drink the Divine nectar of Mother’s Love
  • Be held in a sacred space with others
  • Replenish & nourish so you can serve others
  • Forgive what has not been let go of
  • Honor your truth and pay it forward
  • Open your channels to Divine guidance

Let the Divine Mother birth in you what has been waiting to be born. Life is short and we are here to co-create with Her loving embrace and guidance.

If you know you would like to attend, please email me immediately for further instructions. This opportunity of a lifetime is offered on a first come, first served basis. I have a limited number of spots for this magical Retreat.

Tap into the energy of Chimayo in this video.

Read about my pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Chimayo here.

October 20th, 2019 through October 23rd, 2019. The Retreat begins on the morning of October 21st and ends on the night of October 22nd. Check out is on October 23rd.

A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You will receive a hotel discount and many other benefits by registering with our group rate. A standard room with two beds is only $129. The rooms can be shared by two people. Higher-end rooms are also available at a substantial group discount.

$750 (Payment plans are available). This includes a celebratory group dinner on Tuesday night.


You would fly into Albuquerque, New Mexico (ABQ). Albuquerque is approximately 1 hour from Santa Fe. Flights are relatively inexpensive right now so book soon. If you would like to share your rental car, please contact Jenai.

Contact Jenai now to reserve your spot. The retreat is filling up fast.

What People Are Saying Who Have Attended Retreats With Jenai


“The gift I received was life changing, I will never be the same. I can say through trust and the unconditional love of the divine mother that I remember who I am and why I came to be. I feel free to be me. Thank you!This retreat exceeded beyond any expectation.”

Cindy B.


“This retreat was one of the most powerful events of my life. I am a changed person. In surrendering to the divine mother energy, I let go of so much fear and other blocks; and she filled me with love instead. Weeks later, my light shines brighter, as I continue to connect, grow and heal. Jenai created a deeply safe and holy place for us to work; and that guidance was with me for the entire retreat. I also loved the group- wow, what a group of amazing humans. The collective energy of support, love, faith, humor and intention was palpable; and becoming a part of this community makes me feel supported as I continue my journey.”

Christine T.


“I loved that the retreat had one consistent flow of energy and that each moment and part of the day flowed into the next building on each other for our expansion. The movement of the retreat was deep and the effects lasting. I received a physical healing at Chimayo giving me considerable relief from a longstanding knee limitation.

–Katherine M.


“I received profound healing in my heart, an understanding of my true self and even my body felt relief from a terrible pain in my kidney! Thank you!!! There was such a sweet cuddly “welcome home” feeling from beginning to end that helped me drop all resistance to be transformed to experience a higher level of self-love. Every time I thought I had removed layers of past trauma, there was a higher and stronger level of support to go deeper and allow more love in my heart, mind and body!”

Alicia C.


“The Retreat exceeded my expectations in that I started out with a distinct feeling of being “less than” and I came back feeling empowered. I know who I am, and that is good. The pain, guilt and unpleasant memories of the past were burned away. They no longer haunt me.”

Judith S.


“My biggest healing was in seeing one of my biggest edges and seeing that edge melt.”



“I was blown away by the synchronicities, dreams, visions, things in my path—all of it felt like it was placed there for me, and I my trust in my intuition and in my guidance was greatly strengthened.”



“I continue to read through my notebook of “miracles” from our time together. So much has shifted since I’ve returned from the retreat—I am hiding so much less whether I want to or not. I truly feel that the retreat was spirit/life changing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be there.



“What I am noticing most of all is that since the retreat, I feel more EMBODIED, like mySelf is more on the surface of my skin. Like I can touch and experience God in a way I never have before?a deeper presence. Like I am anchored in, grounded in my true Self and my Connection is my Protection.”



“I am still drinking in all the blessings and gifts from this precious time in retreat. For someone who usually has no problem with finding words, I often find myself overcome by the sheer number and quality of the healings I received.”

-Bella Marie


“I have never had such tapped in guidance, results and inspirations. ”



“I am so immersed in Bliss the world seems totally new to me, because I’m totally new I guess! I’m just overflowing with love and gratitude for everyone and everything, but especially for you all and for Jenai, Amrito, Sedona, and the host of ascended masters whose love, guidance and devotion created the space for us to actualize our highest intentions at the retreat. It continues to be mind-blowing in the best possible way!”


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