Evolve with the High Spiritual Heart

This is the time you came for – the great awakening of humanity. This course will prepare you for this transition by supporting you in being the divine-human you always knew you were.

Challenging times give us the most opportunities for growth. Let’s use this time wisely by becoming firmly planted in our High Spiritual Heart. This is the place where love is infinite, wisdom is plentiful and guidance is accessible. A mind riddled with fear is a dangerous place to be, especially now, but the High Spiritual Heart is a safe haven that when activated, can be the guiding light in our lives. This light will not only serve ourselves and the choices we make, but others as well. This is the reason we incarnated—to be Love, to serve Love and to act from Love.

The collective trauma we are all currently experiencing is an opportunity to heal our own personal trauma so we can awaken out of the ego’s trance and into our true LOVE nature. We are moving from a fear-based society to a Love-based society. How do we do this? By doing the work on a personal level, we affect the whole. The High Spiritual Heart is the vehicle that returns to Love that which is separate and divided. Our wounded heart keeps us believing in the illusion of the separate self. It forms the projection of a separate identity. When we heal this part of us, we are free to be who we truly are—a magnificent, loving and compassionate being whose potential is limitless.

During this course, you will learn to:

·  Stay centered and calm in the storm
·  Clear dense emotions to feel lighter and freer
·  Work with your own wounded heart for healing
·  Build your immune system by building your shakti
·  Stop just transcending and transmute your trauma
·  Learn to trust your innate wisdom to consciously create
·  Move out of the fear, becoming inspired to act from Love
·  Experience peace despite your outer circumstances
·  Increase your intuition to navigate the inner and outer mental chaos
·  Learn to access your spiritual heart for guidance, strength and resilience
·  Use the Hearts for optimal healing: Spiritual, Emotional and Wounded
·  Return to Love what is separate and divided, awakening more fully now
·  Receive Divine light transmissions for healing and awakening on all levels
·  Get support from a group of lightworkers in an amplified field of Love
·  Marinate in miracle consciousness so you can open to new possibilities

You will also receive:

·  Group coaching and the support of a spirit-based community
·  Healing from divine guides and helpers including the Ascended Masters
·  A safe and sacred space conducive for deep personal growth work
·  Six weeks of group distance learning (includes weekly live calls with Jenai, meditations, exercises, recordings, an interactive learning community, and so much more)

Join me in this group coaching process that offers sustainable transformation and non-dogmatic tools you can use for the rest of your life.

This course is offered at a fraction of the cost of my one-on-one coaching. In a committed group, you will receive the guidance you need to heal, awaken and navigate this challenging time and tap into the group energy and support. You will rise up to a higher vibration, connect you with your own intuitive guidance, and a return to Love.

6-weeks of group online classes Saturdays at 12pm to 1:30pm PST

Upcoming Dates: July 11th, July 18th, July 25th, August 1st, August 8th, August 15th, 2020

Eligibility: The High Spiritual Heart is not linear so you can join Part Two without having completed Part One. All that is required is a sincere longing to evolve more fully into the loving being that you already are.

Fortify Your Energy Now! Special Pricing for these Challenging Times

This six-week process is yours for $359. This includes live weekly group coaching sessions with me, guided meditations, audio replay of all the calls, live chat on the calls and an interactive on-line community.

If you are financially challenged right now, I am offering a partial scholarship rate of $289.

If this is still too high, I have a third scholarship option of $189. Please use these scholarships, only if you need them. I am offering this to include anyone who wants to use this time to grow and evolve into their Divine nature as Love. This is of the utmost importance right now. Thank you.

Option 2 & 3 for Financial Hardship

What people are saying about Jenai’s teachings:

Rena Chase

“This course is like a soft pillow to fall upon. I am so grateful to Jenai and this beautiful group for all of the support amidst so much immense change!”


Katherine Mayer

“I came feeling that every cell in my body was in reaction to the suffering on the planet, and at the end of the call, every cell was in the highest vibration of peace. It is hard to imagine living through this time without the support of Jenai and this class. You are like my breathing tube to the water’s surface, where I can have all the air I need!”



“I am profoundly grateful I headed the ‘call’ to join this class. It touched something deep within me that I have been looking for, my High Spiritual Heart. Something has been awakened in me and I can no longer pretend to be small. The planet is so lined up for healing right now and I am as well.”



“The primary reason I am drawn to what Jenai offers is that her energy and example opens all of us in ways we don’t completely understand. There is so much going on at so many levels. My awareness and connection to Source continues to grow richer and deeper. This growth is the most fulfilling experience of my life.”



“The things that moved me most were that you serve each of us on our own path and you offer Incarnational Spirituality focusing on the Divine Within. I felt that in these things you spoke directly to my needs, my intentions, my personal path. In the class, I felt served in all these areas. It was a rich and healing experience.”



“As Jenai evolves in her own spiritual journey, the Spirit Led Programs continue to elevate. Each time I feel the expansion and power of the Masters and the Divine Entities working with us more fully. This is why I keep returning; it is always evolving and I receive more of what I need in that moment.”



“Each experience is even more amazing than the one before. Thank you for all you do to bring this heavenly energy into our lives.”



“I look forward to these classes every time! I feel an immense gratitude that I can be in a safe place to shine my true self! The energy offered in these classes has helped me peel off those stubborn layers of my false self. I have experienced profound healing beyond my understanding…and most of all an increased level of self love that I take with me; it is priceless!”


If I cannot participate on a certain day, or “tune in late” can I still get the lesson online?

Yes, all calls and lessons are online so even if you miss a call or come in late, you will have access to the complete call to listen to whenever you choose. These materials are always accessible to you 24 hours a day. In fact, some people choose to do the course in their own timing and do not take the calls live each week. They still receive tremendous value from the course. That said, I recommend the live calls whenever your schedule allows for it. Along with the call recordings, specific meditations that you can use over and over again, will also be available 24/7 online.

How long are the weekly calls?

The group coaching calls are for about 90 minutes. Calls consist of teaching, meditating, answering your specific questions and addressing your needs, energy transmissions, sharing from participants, toning and lots of other wonderful surprises. If you can’t make a call, no problem, it will be recorded for you.

Can you explain a little more about how the course works?

All the calls, materials, content (your online playbook), and recorded meditations are all online so you can access them at anytime. You will work in an online playbook (workbook) which contains teaching both in written, video, photo and audio formats so whatever type of learner you are, you will receive what you need. Every week, the course materials come out for that week and you can work (and play) with them in your own timing that works for you. You can post your shares, questions, comment and homeplay (it’s not called homework because it’s fun) throughout the course. You can also comment, interact and exchange ideas and support with everyone in the group. I read every post you make!

How much time will I be putting into this course?

Why this course is different from my other courses is that I would like you to focus on receiving, i.e., to do less doing and more being. You will be enveloped in transmissions as we are on the calls and throughout the entire 6-weeks. I want you to open up and allow yourself to marinate in the frequencies until your pores exude these brilliant Divine qualities that activate the wholeness within you. 




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