I woke up sobbing this morning. I am in Northern California and watching the suffering caused by the wildfires weighs heavy on my heart. One thing I know is that if I don’t allow the grief and sadness to flow through me, it will become a big energy drain. In this video, I show you how to free up this emotional energy, so it doesn’t rob you of your creativity, gifts and contribution you are here to make. We also do a collective healing for the benefit of all, which raises our own vibrational frequency. I also talk about the importance of understanding the difference between the High Spiritual Heart and the Emotional Heart. May this practice support you in freeing up your energy so you can add more light to the world.

Pandemics, fires, injustice…and the list goes on. The collective energy of fear seems to be increasing at this time and this is why we need to create our own sense of safety. As an empath and a light-worker, we will automatically feel this collective fear, and often personalize it. This means we make it our own, when indeed, this is not really the case. When we create a sense of energetic safety, we create autonomy, whereby we have dominion over our own space. This gives us a sense of connection and belonging. From here, we do not take on the collective fear, nor do we personalize it. We can add more light to the world, including giving our precious gifts that the world so needs right now. Without a sense of safety, we will not speak our truth or act from love to create our vision in the world. Safety is critical. Learn how to create your own sense of safety and belonging in this video.

When we cultivate an inner safety and calm, we make better choices, we give our gifts and we meet life with curiosity and joy.

If you are wanting support, guidance and a community of high vibration light workers to catapult you out of the darkness and into the light, we are about to begin The Healing Code Course on 9.19.20. You can learn more here.

“When Jenai guided me to send the healing codes to a place in my physical body, the infinity symbol grew large and flowed through the top left of my body to the bottom right, crossing at my sacrum, moving LOTS of stuck energy. Then the guidance to send the infinity symbol to each cell left me sobbing with release of some long stuck energies—past life, early childhood and ancestral. The energetic releases definitely released the physical pain where I hold this. Then the ability to connect and offer this to the group, to the earth and to the universe, created feelings of connectedness and purpose. I am so grateful for this group of light-holders.” -Sheila

Now is not the time to go it alone. We need each other to create collective healing fields, raising our vibration so we can heal, and serve the greater good. When we gather with this intention, we add to the light of the world.

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– Jenai

Are you experiencing grief around the pandemic? In this video, I give you a simple step you can take right now to ease your pain and take loving action.

Do you feel yourself bursting into tears at times or even feel like you have a low-level depression? This is pretty normal as we watch our fellow human beings suffer, not to mention the impact Covid-19 is having in our own lives.

Let’s face it, even if we are not sick, we probably know someone who is, and we are experiencing a loss of freedom of movement, human contact, celebrations and rituals and the list goes on. This all weighs heavy on our hearts. There is, however, something we can do about it.

When I went through my own dark night of the soul many years ago, I discovered the High Spiritual Heart had the capacity to hold my pain. Not only could it hold it, but digest it.

In this video, I show you what I call the Compassion Cure to meet what is arising in a spacious and gentle Love. This is so important because, without compassion, we may not act from Love to serve the greater good. Loving action is so important to not only feel better but make the world better.

We can do this or should I say, we can be this—Love.

Sending you boundless Love today and always,


This is hot off the press. I just downloaded this technique that assists you in self-soothing at a moment’s notice. Let’s face it, our nervous systems are in overdrive. We can’t help but be triggered by the fear, danger, and chaos in the outer world. This is why we need to learn to activate inner peace so our nervous systems can unwind and work properly. This simple practice takes us out of fight, flight, and freeze, allowing us to be open and receptive to our inner clarity and wisdom. From here, we can act from Love and not fear, making better choices, while contributing to the well-being of others, and even enjoying the life experience that is happening right now. If you want more of this, join the upcoming six-week online course, Evolve with the High Spiritual Heart: Finding Sanctuary.

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Are you feeling stuck or stagnant? Watch this video to move into the deep nourishment of the High Spiritual Heart and learn how to access your inner truth to create flow toward what you love. When we contract our hearts, we cut ourselves off from inspiration, and thus, the flow of the Divine that lives in us. At this time in human history, we need our wild, juicy selves to come out in joyous creation to make the world a better place. This starts with letting ourselves be free, by relinquishing the conditioned self and opening up to the untamed love within us that wants to come out and play. Let love be your guide. Yes, we are all capable of genius, because we all have access to inspiration when we are stationed in our High Spiritual Hearts. Now is the time to envision a world based in Love, equality, respect, reverence, peace and joy. The High Spiritual Heart is calling us Home, to be who we were born to be.

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Did you know that peace is innate and can be activated regardless of what challenges you are facing? In fact, when I was falling off a thirty-foot cliff to what could have been my certain death, I was extremely peaceful. I tell you about it in this video. I also will give you the tools to activate the peace within, turning up the volume so it is accessible to you right now and whenever you need it. Together, we will also send peace to the hearts of humanity as a collective healing for the world. Join me in cocreating more peace!

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When I have trouble focusing, I put on a short guided-meditation to bring myself back to the Love that resides within me. It never fails to work if I just allow myself to surrender to the words and the transmission behind the sound. Without any effort, I begin to radiate more love, compassion and peace. This is why I have created a guided meditation mp3 for you from our last free Healing Hour called Awaken The High Heart To Heal

Download this mp3 now and use it any time you need to return yourself to the Love within. This builds your spiritual, emotional and physical immune system. It also leads to more peace, productivity and aligned choices. I would even say it draws to you those things in your life that you have been seeking.

If you would like more incredibly fruitful meditations, in depth guidance and coaching on exactly how to be the radiant light of Love that you came to be, join us for 6-weeks of activating your high spiritual heart in my brand new online course. This life-changing information that I am receiving from the Ascended Masters is exactly what we need during this time to evolve, grow and step into our light more fully. This raises our consciousness, gives us access to our inner guidance, strengthens all the systems of our energy body, activates our gifts and moves us in the direction of our soul’s path. This leads to service— serving our families, communities and the world. 

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Love is what is needed now! Not the idea of love, but rather, the embodied state of love that will heal us of our past wounding and heal the collective. This is the time to do this important work. It will change everything for the better in your world.

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This will not just transform you, but support you in transmuting longstanding patterns that no longer serve so you can live in higher states of consciousness in a more sustainable way.

I’ll see you this Saturday for the last Free Healing Hour on May 2nd before we begin this new course on May 9th. Please feel free to invite anyone who could use some healing energy.

In Love & Gratitude, Jenai

In this video, I share two simple things that changed my life that you can apply right now. I share with you my sacred question and my daily prayer.

The two things in combination give me the clear guidance and direction that I need to navigate life to its fullest even during challenging times. I also talk about what the Ascended Masters are asking me to share with you so we can evolve quickly into higher levels of consciousness. The time is now to fortify our energy and serve from Love in our highest capacity. This happens when we activate the high spiritual heart.

You can learn how do this with me and a group of lightworkers who will be joining together in my brand new online course, Evolve Through Any Challenge with Your High Spiritual Heart. Scholarships are available.

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Join me in this short video to learn how to soften around difficult emotions so we can return them to love and broaden our capacity to experience more joy. If you are noticing a rollercoaster of emotions happening within you, this is an opportunity to expand your high spiritual heart so you can transmute what is arising and reside in more of your true nature, which is compassion, peace, kindness and joy. This personal act adds to raising the collective vibration on the planet. This is what this time is asking of us—to evolve into the Divine-Human we are absolutely capable of being. Learn more at

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