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The Humility Transmission

Are you struggling with unworthiness? Watch this video and shift your consciousness.

Humility is the recognition that we are all God. It seems arrogant to say this, and yet it is the most humbling thing we can say, because in this statement is a relinquishing of both our specialness and our unworthiness. These are two sides of the same face of the egoic façade.

The ego would have us reject humility, for this is how it stays in control. When we have the need or desire to be special, we put ourselves above others and grasp for recognition, accolades and praise. At the other extreme, when we lack humility, our unworthiness takes hold and we become less than another in our own minds. Many of us get stuck here, never measuring up to where we believe we “should” be. This dynamic keeps us small and entrenched in the ego’s grasp.

If we were to let go of both our unworthiness and our specialness, we would become humble. This is the doorway to God because it eradicates ego (Edging God Out) at its most disruptive. For how could we ever be more than or less that God, when we are God? We are Divine, and so is all that we see. Even this very realization is completely humbling.

The Sedona vortexes are conduits of energy that activate within us that which has been dormant. As I walked up to a very special vortex, I could feel the possibility of something not yet discovered in me. This was sacred Native American ground. The holiest of places, for it contained both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine frequencies holding a perfectly balanced wholeness for the planet.

I made my way to the masculine pole first. As I walked around it counter clockwise, I could hear the whispers of the holy men and women who have come to this sacred place for millennia. They whispered a native phrase to me, “Hohokam”. Not knowing what it meant, I continued on to receive the blessings of the Divine masculine-a fierce clarity, a divine purpose, an energy of strength and a force field of creation to manifest in the physical world. Crossing over to the Feminine, known as The Kachina Woman, I immediately nestled my body into the rock like a warm loving embrace; it almost hugged me back. I felt nurtured, embraced and held in compassion. There was also a huge sense of being grounded into this earth plane, thus creating a safety and an ability to be here fully present in the now.  As I walked back to the middle between these two seemingly polarities, there was a spot where the energies co-mingled in such a way that there was almost a portal of light that moved up through my entire body. This created a vibrant aliveness like the feeling of the source of all creation. It awakened in me more of my own wholeness, and allowed me to be restored in a way that is hard to put into words.

I was with my friends, Gina & Nirmala, two awakened spiritual teachers. Together the three of us offered a Christ Consciousness Transmission as we leaned against the feminine pillar. It was an offering and a blessing. However when we released this energy, it went up the rock formation and shot into the sky, headed toward the central sun and came back, creating a huge release of energy on the planet. The three of us (three as the Christ light), opened an energetic pathway that allowed more access to our Christed selves, not just for us, but for the planet. This is the power of wholeness, and why at this time on the planet we need to ignite this balanced state within ourselves so we can bring more balance to mother earth and all her inhabitants.

After I returned home, I later learned of several miracle healings that happened on this vortex. Additionally, a spiritual teacher I know had his intuition turn on at this very place. I looked up the meaning of Hohokam. It is the name of the ancient Native American people considered part of the Oasisamerica tradition. They obviously wanted me to know who they were and how they were still the guardians of this sacred land and still holding a fierce reverence for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

And you know me, I can’t have an experience like this and not share it with others, so I will be bringing people on retreat to share this powerful vortex energy in Sedona this May. If you feel the soul’s calling to go, you can learn more here.

Boundless Blessings on Your Healing Journey,


Learn how to bring more devotion into your spiritual practice and into your life in this short video. The path of devotion, known in the Hindu tradition as the Bhakti path, is rooted in the feminine aspects of the Divine. To devote oneself to something is to be whole-hearted about it—to bring to it one’s entire heart. This requires letting go of the rational mind and surrendering to the deep, unabashed love that the heart is capable of. To direct devotion to something requires surrendering both appearances and perceived inadequacies, for reverence leaves no room for ego. We have to literally allow love to overshadow all of our false identities to create a union, or reunion, with the Divine. This is why devotion fills us up to such a degree, because it allows us to merge into unity with the Divine. This is our natural state of embodiment, in which the heart acts as an anchor to be fully in the here and now.

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Learn how to soften your suffering and begin to heal your pain in this short video. We seem to judge our pain, whether it is physical or emotional. We believe it means that there is something wrong with us. This judgment often creates an unconscious resistance to healing. When we instead bring the compassion frequency to our judgment and pain, it allows us to soften and open, becoming a gateway to God. This is when healing happens. Compassion has a strength that can hold the pain and suffering of the world, and it can certainly hold our own pain and suffering as well. When we allow it to do so, we soften into more of our Divine nature, and thus become able to hold a bigger space of love for ourselves and others without the need to hide, shrink, match, make things different or deny anything.When we meet “what is” with compassion, our hearts open instead of close and life becomes filled with our innate joy and love.

Many of us create New Year’s resolutions or goals but I set intentions for the year. I have found that many a goal or resolution has gone unmet because I did not take the time to set my intentions first. At the beginning of every year, I sit down, get centered, clear and connected and receive my intentions for the year. Why is this important? Intentions are what directs our thoughts and actions so if I am not clear on what these are, I will not be clear in my thought and actions and thus, the results I get will not be the ones I want.

How do you set your intentions? The first step is your intentions must not come from your mind, but rather, your spirit. The highest, wisest part of you that knows why you are here and what you truly want to accomplish this year. One of the tools I use to get out of my mind is meditation. Your goal is to move out of your mind so you can access your most aligned intentions for 2019.

The next step is to receive your intention symbolically. That’s right, you will receive a symbol not a word or a phrase but an image. This allows you to bypass your mental framework by accessing your spirit’s description of your intention through the symbol you are being shown. Once you see the symbol, only then, do you ask your spirit what it means. For example, last year, I saw a bright golden sun. When I felt into this symbol, my heart began to feel warm and glowing. When I began to translate my symbol into words, the words that came out were, “My intention is to radiate love from my heart, glowing from within”. This is how you receive your intentions for 2019; you see a symbol and then, you translate that symbol into words.

I find most people have between three and eight intentions for the year. Let your intuition, the voice of your spirit, be your guide as to how many intentions you have. Then, receive your symbols, translate them into words and you have your intentions for the year. I also recommend finding images that match your intentions, writing them out and placing them somewhere you can see them every day.

What happens when we take the time to set our intentions is our thoughts, words and actions, result in exactly what we are meant to experience this year. This is how we live an inspired (in + spirit) and fulfilling year.

Six Simple Steps To Set Your Intentions for 2019

1. Meditate. Practice The Three C’s: Centered, Clear & Connected. Meditation is the single best way to access your spirit’s intentions. The goal is to get out of your mind and connect to your spirit before you begin this process.

2. Imagine a white screen in front of you. On that screen see, know or hear a number appear between three and eight. This is the number of intentions you have for 2019.

3. On the blank, white screen see a symbol appear. This represents your first intention for 2019. Observe the image. What does it feel like? What are the words that come to you? Write these down. Repeat this process for the number of intentions you have for the year.

4. Write your Intention Statement for each symbol. Start with the phrase, “My intention is to be…” then, finish the statement with the words that resonate for you. For example, if you saw a symbol of a dark circle being enveloped by the light, your Intention Statement might be: “My Intention is to be the light, always coming from the light in all my words, deeds and actions.”

5. Next, find images that match the symbols you received for each Intention. The images do not need to be the exact symbols you saw but must evoke the feelings you felt from the symbol you saw. Then, add your Intention Statement next to each image.

6. Write up your Intentions for 2019 and pair them with the beautiful images that you selected. Put this somewhere you can see it everyday. This will guide you to your highest and best 2019.

If this resonates with you, you may want to join me for a free call, held January 9th, where I will support you in igniting the dormant Divine Feminine frequencies in you, and explain why this may be the missing piece in creating wholeness in you life. Sing the song of your soul! Celebrate who you are! Offer yourself to the world!

You may also find my upcoming course, The Divine Feminine Transmission: 7 Frequencies To Activate Your Wholenes helpful to you in your journey towards a more Spirit Led life. The course begins January 16th, 2019.

You will never please everyone! You will never please those who do not know how to please themselves. When you look outside yourself for a reflection of who you are, it will always be from a skewed perspective – from the perspective of someone else’s issues. You can never know yourself through the eyes of another. Your role is one of self –acceptance. As you accept yourself in greater & greater ways, so too will others, as they have no investment in making you wrong.

Your willingness to be self-aware allows you the freedom to move in the direction of your dreams. Self-awareness exposes the untruths we have told ourselves about us – and so at times it is not easy to witness. Yet, it is why we have come to this earth – to know ourselves. Love & acceptance is the way through to self-realization.

The Divine Feminine Transmissions: 7 Frequencies to Activate Your Wholeness

Begin 2019 From an Entirely New Paradigm. Let Grace Flow Through Your Creations. Meet The World With A Soft Open Heart Making Relationships Flower. Dwell in the Delight!

Imagine for a moment if the feminine aspects of the Divine came alive in you. Could this nurturing, unconditionally loving, accepting, and humble presence allow you to experience your Divine nature more readily and without hesitation? We are all Divine beings, yet our lack of realization creates the illusion of separation, disconnecting us from our power, creativity, compassion and wholeness. Do you want to reconnect to this? That is exactly what this course is designed to help you do.

This path is the path of Love. Of course, Love is neither masculine nor feminine, but both in perfect balance. Regardless of our gender, as we allow dormant Divine feminine qualities to blossom in us, we create wholeness within. We restore balance to the world by activating the Divine feminine within each of us, one person at a time.

Learn more about this course, beginning January 16, 2019.

There is always something magical that happens when a group comes together with a common intention to realize their Divine potential. Join us.

So often we feel scattered, overwhelmed and out of balance. In this video, I will share a quick centering technique to move back into balance bringing one hundred percent of your energy into this now moment. This is where your peace, power and presence can be found. Then you can meet the world from a place of balance and wholeness.

Channeling Corner:

Sometimes we look on our plate to see what is there and we may not like what we see or don’t see right before us.

This can make us feel lack or less than, and yet it is where we are looking that is creating the problem not what we are looking at. There is a vastness of abundance that exists, although it may not be in our own frame of reality. Reality is framed by us, meaning it is viewed through our own limitations. When we expand our capacity to perceive, we also expand our capacity to receive. This viewpoint can be altered as we redefine who is looking through the viewfinder. Is it the small self or is it your spirit? Spirit sees things in a big, grand, infinite landscape that is ever changing and full of possibility. Everything in this landscape has a purpose, has meaning, and can teach us how to be more of our Divine essence. In contrast, the ego’s worldview is narrow and full of distortions that make our engagement with the world only three dimensional, and as a result devoid of what it is we long for on a deep heart and soul level. Practice changing your view-finder and your view will change.

In this video I share some practices to expand your natural state of gratitude within you, spreading it to those you love until it reverberates around the whole world.
What I do know for sure is that gratitude is a miracle worker in our lives. With gratitude, there is an understanding that challenges are blessings, that failures are gifts, and that our teachers come in many forms. In the grace of gratitude, we become who we were always meant to be.

I notice the more I practice gratitude, the more it becomes a natural state of being that I dwell in. It happens one step at a time, allowing ourselves to return to our Divine essence which is inherently grateful for this opportunity to be expressed in the life experience. When we practice gratitude, we begin to see glimpses of that Divine spark within us. It is in all of us. With practices and with patience, we will return to our natural state of gratitude. This state of being is not dependent on anything in the external. It just is. I know it is possible to be in this state of consciousness more of the time. With Thanksgiving, we Give Thanks, and there is a collective group agreement to be enveloped in the vibration of gratitude. No wonder it is many people’s favorite holiday because it reminds us of who we are as Divine beings—full of gratitude and honoring all as Love.


7 Practices To Cultivate Gratitude

Here are 7 practices to awaken your natural state of gratitude this Thanksgiving:


1.   Before your meal, go around the table and ask everyone to share one thing they are grateful for this year. This will uplift everyone and the food will taste better too.

2.   Take everyone on a Gratitude Walk. Suggest that they contemplate as they are walking all the things they are grateful for in their life. Then, when you return home, you can share your gratitudes and experience.

3.   Take a bunch of Thank You note cards and ask each person to write a heartfelt “Thank You” to one person that has made a difference in their life. Provide stamps so they can mail it out. Who knows, you may be the one receiving it!

4.   Write a letter of gratitude to yourself. After all, you deserve acknowledgement also and the more you appreciate yourself, the more you will allow yourself to receive from the universe.

5.   Give everyone at your table a Gratitude Journal. Have everyone write their name at the top of the first blank page. Pass it around and have each person at the table write what they love and appreciate about the person whose Journal they have. When the Gratitude Journal makes its way back to the owner, it will be full of love and gratitude for the person it belongs to. This is a great way to start a Gratitude Journal.

6.   Play Musical Gratitude. This works well with large groups. Have everyone walk (or dance) around to the music. Every time the music stops, whomever you happen to be next to, you share what you are grateful for about them. When the music continues everyone moves about the room until the music stops again. You are now with a new partner whom you share your gratitudes with.

7.   Read a quote about Gratitude before or after your meal or type them up and give them out to your guests. Here are some of my favorites:


“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 

Marcel Proust

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” 

A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

“In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.” 

Elizabeth Gilbert

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” 

Maya Angelou

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” 

Eckhart Tolle

“To speak Gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact Gratitude is generous and noble, but to live Gratitude is to touch Heaven.” 

-Johannes Gaertner

“Being Thankful is the law of increase. Complaining is the law of decrease.” 

-J. Martin Kohe

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” 

– Epictetus

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” 

– Meister Eckhart

I am so grateful for you. I see the Divine in you. You are a gift to this world. Happy Thanksgiving!

In Love & Gratitude,



In this video, I will share a tool to help you remember your Essence, and my memory of incarnating into this lifetime. And why it is so important to see ourselves as Divine beings having a human experience. Once we awaken this sleeping giant of the light of Love that we are, it imbues our life with a glorious radiance. It is time to love, serve and remember. Join me in greeting the Divine Self that has been hidden but will no longer remain cloaked.


Channeling Corner
God whispered this to me:

In prayer, you will ask of me. 
In meditation, you will allow my answers to come. 
In faith, you will learn to trust me. 
In joy, you will receive me. 
In Love, you will be Me. 

In this short video you will learn why the Divine feminine has to rise up to stand in equality with the Divine masculine. In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in a world out of balance because the feminine has been suppressed, negated, denied, abused and ignored. Without the Divine feminine, we are lacking the quality of humility. Humility allows us to let go of our knowing (often a judgment) to arrive at a deeper truth. The frequency of humility when activated wakes up the sleeping giant of our Divinity so we stop acting out of the trance of ego, where we can let go of the judging mind and access truth so Love as our true nature can prosper. If you ever wanted to turn off your judgment, you can learn how in this video.

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