Learn to let go in this one-minute meditation. Sometimes we just have to sit down and let go of all our worries. Yes, just drop them. This video will help you train your mind to let go, and when this happens, love can enter.


Christi Levannier, Certified Spirit Coach®

Take a moment to read about this amazing facilitator of spirit. She may be just the person to assist you in actualizing your spirit’s vision in the world creating more peace, harmony and clarity in your life.

What inspired me to be a Spirit Coach: When I chose to become a Spirit Coach®, I had already been on a path of self-discovery for many years. I had received support from other coaches, teachers, healers, and even psychologists during this time. However, it was after I became a Spirit Coaching client that the real growth, healing and changes started happening so easily in my life, and I saw how this method is so needed in the world. More than anything else I had tried, this work helped me to change my thought patterns and supported me in truly transforming myself so I could create and enjoy a life of purpose.

Share one of your favorite Spirit Coaching moments: Meeting my guide for the first time was a profound experience for me. It was so affirming and as I developed a conscious relationship with him; this really helped guide me on my personal Spirit Coaching journey. During this time, I also learned invaluable tools to help me shift out of old habits, patterns, and emotions that had been holding me back in my life. I was finally empowered to take full responsibility for the life I had created. This awareness, allowed me to shift my perception of reality more effectively. The practicing gratitude has been an especially juicy gem that’s helped me to own all the goodness that God has blessed me with already, and to appreciate more and more the wonderful life that I have co-created with Spirit.

Share one of your many client success stories: One of the best ones happened just last week. My client texted me to say that she was running late for her session. I was guided to send her healing energy in my reply, I texted, “Drive safe and don’t worry.” She arrived only a few minutes late, and told me that my text had saved her life. She said that as she had received it, she had seen a blue light come through the text and fill her car. She instantly felt calmer, and took a moment to ground herself and breathe, making for a much more peaceful drive. Later on, while she was still on the freeway, a huge metal bin flew off the back of a semi, smashing the car in front of her. She saw it coming since she was so grounded and peaceful, and gently veered into another lane, able to continue on without any damage or injury to her or her car. She looked back in her rearview mirror to see many cars behind her piling up. Because she had slowed down, got present and let herself be peaceful she was able to avoid the collision.

What type of clients do you like to work with: I enjoy working with clients all over the world who are eager to connect with their truth and receive the support they need to take that next step in their growth. My ideal client is motivated to change and therefore willing to do the work required to transform.

Share a quick Spirit Coaching tip you’d like to leave readers with: One of my favorite tips would be to let yourself off the hook and stop beating yourself up, in recognition that you are doing your best and this is always enough. When you lose focus or get down on yourself, try taking a moment to stop and put those thoughts on pause. Take some long slow deep breaths and then look around you and try saying out loud to yourself what you appreciate or are grateful for about yourself and your life. Keep doing this until you are in a more gentle and grateful space. They say gratitude is the same frequency as Love, and it’s been my experience both personally and with my clients that gratitude is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration and change your life.

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What is the one question that can change your life in 2015? I know in my work as a Spirit Coach® for over the last decade that it is the questions that we ask ourselves that make all the difference. And when we answer these questions from spirit—the highest, wisest, most authentic part of you that knows why you are here in this incarnation, we are on our way to co-creating our highest and best life. Watch this short video and contemplate on the question I am giving to you. Your greatest contribution to the world is within you waiting to be born. If I can assist you in this process, let me know. My next online Course is beginning on January 23rd, 2015. Spaces are limited. For more information, you can go to,

I especially love the New Year because there is an energetic collective group agreement for new beginnings. We can leave the past behind and step into who we truly came here to be. To support you in this process, I created a 2-minute video from Lake Tahoe. The beautiful snow covered landscape reminds me that we can always begin anew. Take some time today to try this process of releasing the old so you can step into the new. I find when we really are willing to let go of what is no longer serving us we can co-create our lives with much more ease, grace and joy. Try this New Year’s Eve Ritual and let me know your results. Happy New Year and many blessings to be spirit led in 2015. Your greatest contribution to the world is within you, simply waiting to be born.
If I can assist you in this process, let me know. “A Spirit-Led Life” Course is beginning January 23rd, 2015. Spaces are limited. For more information, you can go to,

Enjoy this one-minute meditation from Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona. This is one of my favorite places on the planet. Let this sacred energy wash over you, restoring you and illuminating the Divine in you.

Out of Your Mind

1. Meditate. Practice The Three C’s to become Centered, Clear & Connected. This is the single best way to access your spirit’s vision.

2. Sleep with a pen and paper by your bed. When you wake up, don’t start thinking about your day right away, just let yourself be in that sweet spot between sleeping and waking—it is here your vision is. You can also ask a question before going to bed, such as: How can I contribute in this world?

3. Take “Be Time”. This is time for just being with no agenda. This clears your mind and allows your creativity to flourish.

4. After meditating, ask yourself, “What do I need to know about my vision?” Journal to record whatever comes through. You will be amazed at the ideas and guidance you can receive just by asking.

5. Follow your bliss. Make a commitment to do one thing you love to do every day. When we do what we love, even in small, seemingly insignificant ways, we are moving towards our vision.

Take a moment to remember when you walked through your fear and did something you always wanted to do. How did you feel? If the answer is anything more than great, then take a step toward your vision and dreams today. You will thank yourself later.

Take a moment to connect to the healing power and presence of the healing energy coming from this Sedona Vortex. Drink it in and let it fill you with grace for your day.

Learn how to create more “Be Time” for yourself. Giving yourself permission to unplug from everything, even the ones you love, for a short period of time, is nothing less than renewing. It helps you notice where you have been and where you would like to go. It lets you become connected again to the spirit that lives within—you know, that small subtle voice that we often ignore. When you are connected to spirit, it is impossible to ignore. This is the beauty, because when you start listening to that voice, your world blooms with colorful ideas of how to live better. Like a spring garden, the possibilities are born again.

 Learning To PauseLearning to pause is the antidote to many things in one’s life that usually end in a place where we do not want to be. So often our auto-responses react to a situation in a way that creates emotional turmoil for ourselves and for others, not to mention real life consequences. Sometimes we wish we could have a “do over” but that do over just doesn’t come so we are left with regret or remorse and the inability to change things. This whole pattern could be shifted with just one small act—to pause before we speak, react and take any action. A pause is like a window in time opening, where we can move out of old patterns and automatic responses just by stopping and doing nothing. This pause gives us the space to, perhaps, make a different choice than the one we have always made. It gives us the time and space to play out the consequences of our actions. When we pause, we stop to contemplate what it is we really mean, what it is that is really important to us and how to best convey this. Even in the heat of anger, a pause can give us a momentary reprieve from whatever emotion is running us and allow us to open up to a more aligned choice for ourselves. Pause before you speak and act, this moment of reflection will save you a lifetime of heartaches.

It's Not About PerfectionStop measuring yourself on being perfect as this will most likely never come. We came here to learn in this great schoolroom called life. So, if life is about learning, it is not about perfecting, and it is about correcting. There are three simple truths that can give you more energy, more tenacity and awaken your divinity. They are:

1. Who you are and what you do are two different things. Who you are is love. This love is perfect and it is innate in you. As you travel the life experience and remember this truth, you will stop letting what you do (or don’t do) define who you are. Nothing you have done, didn’t do or will ever do will impact who you are.

2. Life is one big classroom where we all came to learn. Learning requires making mistakes; otherwise there is no learning if we already know how to do it all. We came here to learn (period). How we learn is by correcting what isn’t working. Life is then a series of corrections. As we walk our path, and then step off, we just need a little course correction and we are back on path. Resistance is created when we start to believe that we have to be perfect. We don’t. We only need to be willing to correct our mistakes. Relax, allow and enjoy the journey. Creating resistance to our mistakes only happens when we feel bad about them. Learn, let go and move on.

3. You always know. Yes, the big “I”, the spirit in you knows the way. You are never without a compass and that compass is the voice of your spirit. Sometimes the ego is louder—let’s face it, most of the time but this is not who you are. When we get quiet and listen, the answers will come. We chose this journey to learn. There is a part of us who is wise, infinite and full of divinity. This part can help us find the perfection in every correction that we ever make. Trust your Self and you will accomplish what you came here to.

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